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Very average, nothing special. Could definitely be better. Did not really enjoy my time spent in that place.
South Brunswick is a wonderful school with great teachers and great academic teachings. They have great clubs and great teachers.
What I liked about South Brunswick high school is that the teachers there are very helpful when it comes to helping students. If a student needs help, teachers step forward and teach them the topic until they understand. Also if that does not work out, there are tons of other resources you can use to get better at that subject.
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The teachers at South Brunswick High School are highly educated and go out of their way to help you learn. They find time to help you understand content or to help you in any other way.
The teachers were really caring and encouraging of students and their goals. In addition, there are many resources to help students in need, whether it be academic performance or mental health. There are also a wide range of clubs and sports and in general, many ways to be involved. It was easy to have a fun high school experience.
South Brunswick is an excellent school district that makes their student and staff a priority when it comes to education and safety. They have a wonderful support system, staff and community. They are committed to help every student grow and learn academically and personally.
South Brunswick High School is a great environment with many safety precautions for its diverse student body. With many different clubs and sports to participate in, every student fits in and has an opportunity to show their passion!
I like how the school has a good education system and is diverse but I dislike how administration deals with issues since they seem to brush them off
This school made me the person I am and it has such a diverse and large pool of different people, not only ethnically but it contains people that think differently and can bring new ideas to the table.
My experience with the South Brunswick School District was great, except for a few minor issues. My first issue was the water fountains. During middle school, I would be using the water fountains a lot. There are so many students who use it, but there have still been a countless amount of times when the water fountain would be out of use due to an excessive amount of lead in them. Other than this, the district is great and has very minor problem with bullying and drugs.
South Brunswick, is a very diverse and reputable school. However, at times it is very competitive, but overall a great environment. It challenges students and offers a wide range of courses and activities to get involved with.
South Brunswick is one of the best districts. Teachers are really helpful. They are really understanding too. The library is one of the best helpful sources.
South Brunswick is one of the best districts. Teachers are really helpful. They are really nice. They have good teams. Teachers give you many chances. They are understanding.
I love the number of courses we are offered. Furthermore, I feel like we have great teachers who really care about their students. The school also offers a large number of extracurricular activities and leadership opportunities such as Senate. However, one thing I wish my school would do better in is in spirit. There is an environment of thinking "it's lame" to be involved in school events and spirit. I think it's more fun when you're actively involved in your school community and if students were able to look past "coolness" they might find joy in it too.
This school is amazing and I am lucky to be part of such a great community. Everyone in the community takes such great care of each other and it really is a great place to be.
South Brunswick is a good school and will prepare every student for college as long as they are willing to put in the work. I am a new student and all of the teachers I have are friendly and will work with every student to make sure we all understand what we are being taught. Education-wise, South Brunswick is a good school.
The school has opportunities to succeed academically and is pushed by students who attempt to take the highest classes and have the most rigorous schedules. There are a good mix of teachers that are either easy going and not adamant on pushing an intense education for a non stressful class, and teachers who care more about creating a certain sense of difficulty in order to truly teach the material at the expense of stress. The school has a multitude of resources and clubs/activities that you can take part in.
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it is a great school and overall is a very friendly school as well because it creates a good environment around the students. i also think the teachers are the greatest and they make everyday a fun learning experience. thank you for your time.
I moved here my sophomore year, and everyone I met was extremely helpful in helping get me adjusted to the new school. Additionally, there's something for everyone at this school, and I found my home with the colorguard and winterguard.
I’d like to see less charges to be involved at school. Maybe like not paying $50-$75 per AP class. Other than that, the school is doing a good job with the sports teams getting people to join
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