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South Brunswick School District Reviews

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South Brunsick High School is truly like no other. The variety of classes that South Brunswick has to offer is amazing. There are interesting classes like forensics and biotechnology that are not offered at a lot of other schools. The staff is also very friendly, understanding, very helpful and approachable. All the music programs are amazing, as well as the sports teams. SB also has a cool project adventure area to utilize during PE and after school. Several events are recognized by the dedicated staff for all students to enjoy. There are also a variety of clubs that students can choose form. The volunteerism and community support and service morals instilled in students is commendable. Every Viking graduates a better person by following SB's five core values: Kindness, Respect, Responsibility, Honesty, and Service. Go Vikings!
Completing my senior year at south brunswick i really enjoyed it. Everything was completely different from my old school as in education and how they treat they students. The guidance counselor are amazing and they really help you to succeed. they push you into working hard and to graduate which i like the most about them , they don’t want to see anyone stay back . teachers are amazing also they help you when you’re failing and they offering extra one on one time if you still don’t understand anything or if the classroom is too much. i appreciate all my teachers and guidance counselor for the love and support to help me feel welcome at south brunswick high school and to help me graduate. my overall of my senior year was amazing and i loved the food they had.
I love the school district. It had the best education and I have learned a lot about life outside did school.
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The schools are all very nice and big. There are also some very amazing and caring teachers. The high school is very nice and I, personally love it.
South Brunswick was a great place to go to school. I had a quality education in all levels from elementary, to middle, to high school. It is a caring and motivated community that fosters learning and growth in all areas.
Counselors did not do their jobs.
Favoritisms was shown everywhere.
Diversity, very poor.
No resources for families in need. Especially for Latino families.
It is truly a beautiful school with good facilities. There is a lack of college counseling and college readiness in the school. There is an outstanding music and sports program.
It is an amazing place filled with people who are very happy to learn and gain knowledge for their future.
South Brunswick public schools have fantastic teachers who really want to make you interested in the topic. It’s a great community and great kids. Wouldn’t change anything about it, I really enjoyed my time going to school in SB.
An amazing high school. The facilities are great and the community of people is what make the school special.
South Brunswich School District is a cultural melting pot exposing its students to a vast diversity. This school district has been striking a consistent balance with academics, sports, extra curricular activities for years after years, thus earning the "Blue Ribbon" status for majority of the schools in the district. The teaching staff and the resources are getting the students ready for all sorts of standardized tests whereas high school is getting college ready by offering advanced level courses. SBHS boasts very high graduation rate. SB district ensures a safe environment for the students by interacting with local police. This is always a relief for the parents. I feel fortunate to be a part of South Brunswick Public Schools
While SB is a great place to live and has a very good school system, the competition is very high amongst students. The majority of SB is also Asian, limiting the diversity of the area.
The schools offer a lot of grown within them. Should back up their staff/ teachers more and provide more disciplinary actions but overall loved the schools and teaching staff.
The schools in South Brunswick offer academically challenging courses. There are also many clubs and athletic offerings that students can get involved in.
My time at South Brunswick High School was quite memorable. There are many activities to be involved in as well as a diverse community to thrive in. It was a very unique district to grow up in, many different mindsets came together to create such an amazing experience during my four years. The only thing I would change is the course load, many classes have very time consuming assignments, especially if you enroll in honors or APs.
It is a well known high achieving school in a good system. Students are more than well prepared for college and the environment is safe, diverse and very tolerant / accepting of all. I think starting so early in the morning is ridiculous, however. there is no need to start class before 8am.
It was a pretty good four year, but there's many things SBHS can improve on tbh. Lots of the science teachers are smart, but can't teach.
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I have enjoyed going to school in South Brunswick and I have made really great connections with many of my teachers. I've had a really great school experience and I can't imagine going anywhere else.
Most of the teachers in the school are very understanding and will answer any question you have. My counselor has always been helpful and gets back to me right away. The amount of homework isn't overwhelming, but it all depends on the classes you take.
It was interesting, very easy to use, however, would like to see some changes, particularly when you navigate, I would like to filter through my scholarships.
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