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We have had an wonderful experience with the Arthur D. Healey school. The teachers are fantastic and caring. They got my kids, who transferred in, up to grade level and integrated with the classes quickly. The administration makes sure that every kid knows that they belong in the Healey school community.
I am a student who attended East Somerville Community School and it was a great school because they have so much diversity and people who are there for the students. I am currently in my senior year at Somerville High School and throughout the years I've learned that there really should not be a difference between students because we all go to the same school to get the same education. The people at Somerville High are amazing and are always there to help.
I enjoyed that the teachers cared about the students and did their best for us to succeed, however the administrators do not seem to solve issues in ways that they should
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While the academic integration to higher education was lackluster, Somerville Public Schools trains individuals to adapt rather than to prepare for the future -- a double edged sword that has paid off for me in the long run. As a college junior, I can say that while the transition from high school to college education was a large leap to make, the social life was easy to get into because of the diversity that SPS offers.
Teachers and staff can and are very personable and helpful throughout all four years of high school and have stayed connected post-graduation. While the college prep may not fulfill the preparations of being a college student, it does give quite a push to be able to handle very dense tasks in short amounts of time. As an alum, I am very grateful for all the AP classes offered and the college/financial aid assistance offered. There are many people I know who did not get the same educational experience as me. Despite not enjoying the social aspect of SPS, due to social anxiety and a choice to not socialize with those who did not better or further my progress, a lot was gained academically.
Somerville Public Schools have always been very helpful in assisting me in finding my way. Going to elementary and middle school in a Somerville Public School introduced me to many wonderful people including my peers and the teachers and other staff; they all helped me fully prepare for high school. While there were always bumps in the road, I felt like I was part of my community while I attended middle school. In high school, I became friends with so many new people and was introduced to a whole other community that I could easily feel involved in. I was opened up to so many opportunities to try new things and find what I loved and was passionate about. The teachers have helped me find what I want to do in the future and prepared me very well for it; everybody around me made me feel comfortable with who I am. Growing up attending Somerville Public Schools will always be a part of my life and has shaped me into who I have become.
Somerville Public Schools have prepared me extremely well to interact with people from different backgrounds who have a variety of beliefs. We are exceptionally diverse and being surrounded by so many cultures has benefited every student by becoming more well-rounded and empathetic towards their peers. Our school district helps prepare students for the outside world when it comes to the people they will be working with; From race to religion, the students in Somerville are healthily exposed to it all, and are capable of adjusting from situation to situation.
The teachers are extremely dedicated to student engagement and learning. The administration is available for questions and concerns.
Schools here are very focused on making sure kids get the best education they can get. They make sure kids are also learning in a safe environment so that they can reach their full potential.
I love the diversity of Somerville and the way that there is always something new to do. The building might be old but the opportunities are endless.
Teachers are caring and concerned about students and the multiple ways they can learn. They invest in the future of the students by providing the best education they can give. Schools in Somerville also provide extracurricular activities to every single student, especially in high school. The diversity in the schools make learning a better experience overall, as students can easily make friends and quickly adjust to the new environment.
What I truly enjoyed about the time I've spent at Somerville High School was the diversity and unity that was felt as well as the opportunities given to me through the Vocational program as well as the Athletics Department.
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