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I would like the administrators be more relaxed about rules. The school food could be better and the facial hair should be allowed because the guys are growing and they need some facial hair.
Somerset does a good job in keeping students safe, they also help students be successful in the long run. The only thing I would change would be the bus transportation, they drop off students really late.
Although it's a small school district it really gives you the attention and help one needs, but i would like to see the school grow a bit more.
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The Somerset ISD is a family based and oriented district mainly focused on my education , as well as my fellow peers who have the same studious outlook . Overall I think it has a stupendous quality !
While the school overall provided a positive and educational environment, academic relationships were poor. It was difficult to get into contact with anyone in the office, and college readiness was restricted.
Somerset is a small town and every body gets along well. All the people help each other out we are humble and show support to our community.
I worked at Somerset and if you are not in the clique, you do not get treated well. I’ve been with other school districts and never had a problem, however at this district it felt like I could never do anything the way they wanted it. Too much time is spent in meetings to learn “how to be a better teacher” than actually being able to teach the students. The workload placed on the teachers is insane. Finding time to actually plan and teach is hard. I did not find my time there enjoyable at all and not sure if I ever want to teach again. I used to love teaching.
I stayed for the football program with my head coach and defensive coordinator. They truly know what family is all about and work hard to instill that in all students. They hold us to a high standard as young men and model the role well for us.
I moved to Somerset my freshman year of high school because I heard about the great academic and college readiness program they had known as GEAR UP. Ever since I moved to Somerset my grades have been A's and B's and I have been involved in many organizations to increase my leadership skills.Moving was the best decision I've had, on the other hand, I would like to see more parent involvement because they do not know of the requirements they need to do in-order for their children to go to college.
What I would like to see change at this district is the parent involvement. Nobody here is college ready and the Academics do not prepare us at all
Somerset is very dedicated to seeing their students achieve academic success throughout their years of highschool . The Staff ensures the students are learning past standards and as well as college ready.
As a student I can say that somerset truly feels like a big family. Growing up in a small town really has created a sense of closeness that I can guarantee all students feel. Whether they are new students coming in from a big school, or students that have been here since they were in diapers. The community comes together to create a tight knit group that goes on even after graduation
Although the Somerset Independent School District may be a strict at times and very ignorant, they have supplied me with the skills and knowledge to succeed in my future in becoming a "ready for college" student.
Wonderful school district. There are many extra curricular activities for the students. Little league and football for the younger children are amazing. Early College for High school students to earn college credits have empowered many students to complete not only their high school diplomas but many also graduating with an associates degree at the same time.
This school is not very diverse, but if you're the right student they will try to improve you. For the most part, it is an okay school.
When it was my freshman year I was so nervous to start high school.The reason why I was so nervous and scared to start was because I thought I was gonna be alone.But little did I know I wasn't alone there were so many wonderful teachers their to help me.There are so many programs and clubs that have made it memorable.For example there is this program called Communities in Schools.This program has helped me in so many ways.The way it has helped me in high school is by keeping me on track on my grades, and they take students to educational field trips.An organization that I have been in since I was a freshman was student council.The way I see that student council has helped me was by meeting new people also making me feel like I have been part of our school in a way.My overall experience in high school has been amazing and I don't want to end but when it does I will have these memories too take with me into the real world
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