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Socorro Independent School District is one of the best School Districts in El Paso, Texas and one of the top school districts in the State. What is so great about (SISD) is the amount of vacation time the students get to recover from all over the hard work they've performed over the semesters. Students receive 2 weeks in October, 1 week for Thanksgiving, 2 weeks for Christmas, and 2 weeks for Spring Intersession. SISD is an A-rated School District and has newly built schools with incredible architecture that is used as a model school for schools around the state. Example: Pebble Hills High School. SISD also has some of the best athletic programs in the state of Texas. SISD is the top choice for students in El Paso, Texas!!!!
Socorro Independent School District is a very well prepared and succeeding district. I can truly say my experience of being with them since I was very young and started school has always been great. They have always had the best education, care about all their campuses, and do the most to keep making it better. If I had to change something it would be to let all the schools have an open campus. This would be something everyone would enjoy because sometimes people prefer not to eat school lunch.
My experience with the Socorro Independent School District has been overall pretty good. We have always been treated with respect and have always been happy with the district itself.
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Within the Independent school district I have personally been able to grow into a very mature, independent, and studious young adult all due to the help of my teachers and school board. Mostly everything has been easy to access and free for me especially due to my low income in family. All with the help of my district grand opportunities such as TEC (Texas early College) was available for me, as a student who grew up in a different community than most of the kids in my school, thanks to the assistance and motivation from my school's district I am currently blessed to be the student and person I am today.
what i like most about Socorro independent school district was it has really helped me grow as an individual. being said that i have been part of the SISD district for all of my education they have never dissapointed and always treat everyone fairly and really believe it is the best in El Paso
I like that they are determined to make sure the students succeed and making sure all the student are treated as the same and helping out when can and making sure the school is in the best condition and the students are provide with the Information needed.
SISD is a second home to me. I grew up with SISD, from elementary to high school. All my teachers were amazing, they all had a passion for teaching. I not only learned academically but they taught me things that no one else could. I now work with SISD, and I know that I am cared for. I love my job, I wake up excited to go to work. My coworkers are family to me. I always look back and think of my teachers. They got me ready for life.
I believe that the Socorro Independent School District needs to take action to improve their facilities. For many years the facilities have had little changes made to them and may appear sloppy. Another improvement that should be made is an upgrade in security.
What I like about the school Were my teachers and the programa they have for a better academic future.
I’ve been apart of the Socorro Independent School District since kindergarten and I can honestly say that it’s the best district ever. The teachers and staff are welcoming and are excellent when it comes to getting the job done. In addition, I’ve strived in my academics and extracurricular activities while being apart of this district. The Socorro Independent District is rated an “A -rated District” which is the best of the best.
I was brand new to the district and I was very happy with how everyone works and does things. They really care about the students and not just about academics because I have noticed that the superintendent really does listen to what the students have to say and cares about our safety. It is really nice being a part of such a caring District.
I enjoyed the many opportunities available at my high school; such as, AP classes and dual credit. Several of the high schools have programs as well that guide and prepare students for their future career. For example, Americas High School has the Libertas program, which is intended for future law majors. The teachers I had were all amazing and did a lot for their students, they are the reason I loved school. However, counselors were never really helpful and no one on campus ever had useful information for college or opportunities outside of school that would enrich our knowledge and boost our resumes. Additionally, the Socorro Independent School District is too obsessed with being "the best," that most of the things they do to look good are only surface deep. My teachers were obligated to use twitter. Our district even has a hashtag! I personally didn't like the shallow measures of school staff using social media to boast. It all started because of competition from charter schools.
I think that Socorro Independent School District employs very friendly and professional staff. They are very nice people and always ready to help you.
I have been in this district for almost my whole life. It has created a community in which most feel comfortable. And it has something for everyone whether it be the ouliers or the all inclusive children. The arts, athletic, and academic programs have won awards from around the country. I honestly could not have asked for a better environment to grow up in.
Socorro provided all the tools necessary, and even more, for me to have a good education. Laptops were provided to everyone at my school for free. This is great because they are preparing us for the future, and how most of it will be online. They also provide us with a lot of opportunities for extracurricular activities. I was in Destination Imagination and my team got to globals. Most of the trip was paid for, including transportation and food. I got to go on an amazing educational trip with no worry of how I would pay for it. The teachers and other staff are always there trying to do the best for the student and create a welcoming environment. This district has gone above and beyond to provide opportunities for us, such as early college where we can earn our associate's degree while getting our high school diploma, at no cost, saving me thousands of dollars. There are also other programs to prepare students for the field they want to enter such as the medical field or law.
The teachers taught me well and also encouraged to my best but they didn’t really help controlling the students from bullying me all throughout my high school years that I worked twice as hard to graduate a year early to get my self out of the situation .
This school distric gives you the best opportunities. They give you everything they have in their hands in order to see you be successful in the world. They push you to be better and better every day and remind you on how strong we are to do whatever we dreeam of in life. They prepare every single one of their students for the future.
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I went to Montwood High School and both my sons graduated from Montwood. The teacher and administrators are very nice and keep parents informed. Classes were not boring they kept challenging my kids. I would recommend SISD Montwood High School to anyone
Starting out in a place where I knew no one what so ever was quite fearful for me. But the way everyone around there treats one another really made me feel encouraged to try new things. As a result I ended up trying out for the Americas flag/colorguard team. I am glad I decided to take it his decision of mine because I ended up meeting new people and putting myself out there for many opportunities which have helped me develop my character and personality. With all that being said this school has helped me improved my inner self to guide me towards many outcomes in my life and I do not regret any decision I took within those time periods.
Socorro ISD is a very involved school district and community. Making sure the do the best they can for their district and provide excellent education for all students.
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