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Smithville R-II School District Reviews

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Small Town school that has a huge band great football team in a growing town Most students are involved in a sport, band, club or come to cheer for their school.
A great high school with tons of opportunities for students to succeed. Has a great teaching staff and a wide array of AP and Dual Credit courses. Just recently built a new elementary school and added on to the high school and renovated the other two elementary schools and middle school. An ever-growing school district with a lot of promise after being ranked second best school district in the state by US News in 2019.
For a small rural school Smithville has the best caring teachers and opportunities. There are so many clubs and organizations available to get involved with and the teachers really seem to care about their students.
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I love the friends that I have made and the band program. I have had some great teachers who have made my last 4 years awesome. what I don’t like is the lack of support for students and the in ability to help get students ready as Freshmen what they need to know beforehand they graduate.
It is a decent school with a lot of opportunities for student. Many things need improvement however. Overall a good school.
School is definitely what you make of it and Smithville School District has all the tools to be a successful student.
I like the overall environment of the school. I would maybe work on getting some better high school teachers. There constantly seems to be issues with a few teachers, but we do have a good education and the teachers are mostly good.
My experience at SHS hasn’t been anything special, we are a smaller town school, we are growing, but the culture of our school is starting to go away.
The Smithville School District is a very good school in a rural, but not too far out area. It's a smaller school compared to the schools around it, so it's a lot closer, more bonded of a school. Most teachers are very helpful and care a lot. Overall, a very safe, small school.
I like that Smithville is a small community that for the most part is involved in the school. I feel that some of the teachers are not in it for the students and that that should be taken into consideration when they are interviewed. I feel that the new administration has really stepped up and helped make the school a better place and is doing everything they can to promote school spirit in a positive way. One thing I would change is to have seniors be spirit leaders, if you are going to have spirit leaders, because seniors only get one chance to be the leader of the school and that shouldn't be taken away from them by having underclassmen in charge of spirit.
Smithville School District does not prepare you well for the real world. In a predominately white school we are often very prejudiced when we leave. The inner city is dangerous and people around us are bad or scary. Wrong. The world around us is very good but not when we are taught the opposite. We are not prepared for work, or bills, or being on our own. In fact, most of us are not even ready for college and that is what scare me the most. Don’t get me wrong, Smithville is a wonderful town by the lake, everyone is so nice here, and everyone knows everyone. However, are these the things that are important?
The High School Administration has forced one teacher to quit, and now the rest of the English department, including one National Teacher of the year nominee, have left for another school. Unless big changes occur this High school is going downhill fast, and nothing seems to be able to stop it. This current principal is also the third in the last 4 years. The rest of the district tends to neglect its gifted or advanced students in favor of teaching the general education to all students of all levels, which hurts everyone.
Growing up in Smithville, I could not have asked for a better school or community to be apart of. No matter the cause, we always came together to better each other and our community. We were more of a family than a school. I am in love with the small town vibe that Smithville radiated. My teachers cared deeply about my education and about me as a student. I would like to see a long term principal settle down in the high school.
Smithville offered a wide variety of courses, including AP and dual credit courses. It had plenty of extracurriculars for involvement, and the majority of staff were eager to aid in learning.
I liked the amount of college level classes that were available. I would like to see change in the quality of teachers.
Smithville High School is a close community school. Over the past 10 years Smithville has almost doubled in size, but our school culture has never been closer. This year Smithville took the leap to start expanding their school district and began construction to create another k-6 school. Smithville has a great educational system for any type of student, with a special needs program, and a gifted student program. Two times every year the smithville school districts has their students fill out surveys on all of their teachers to help the staff better meet the needs of their students. These surveys also help the teachers educate their students using vast materials, such as technology, maps, classroom layout, and presentations. This year Smithville made the choice to be involved with the 1-to-1 program. This program provides every student with a chromebook to use in and outside of school for free.
Rather small school district, but steadily growing. It is a very 'hometown' feel, due to the size. Smithville does not have the resources that many larger schools do, but they work with what they have and do well at it.
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Going into high school I was ecstatic and ready for a new chapter in my life. Leaving high school I realized how little I am prepared for higher education. There were many good memories with friends and caring teachers, but there are definitely a few things that should be changed. Some teachers are only there for the money and they make that clear. The amount of real life situations we learned about pales in comparison to the amount of time wasting activities we did. Other than that, it wasn't half bad.
I like the science department at Smithville High School, especially the physics teacher. If i could change something at my school it would be freedom. I feel like the students don’t get enough freedom and choices. Other then that I feel Smithville High School is a very good School, and im glad I got to spend 4 years here. I definitely feel like it prepared me for college, being that I want to be a science major.
I like how all the teachers try to make you feel like you belong and of you have any problems you can always talk to them. Something that they should improve on is checking dates on the food and having more space to learn in.
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