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They don't have the extra classes I was initially looking for. There school is small, dirty, and in need of more teachers.
I have been a student here for 4 years. I like the involvement of the students and teachers together for academic achievements! I cheer and am involved in clubs I feel I’m prepared for college and love my community!
Depends on who your last name is depends on how good you get treated. Sports are a joke. The administration does not care to truly help you. There are some but more bad than good. I do not feel people truly get prepared for college. Things are outdated with the school and it’s software and its ways of handling payments. The resources are not good. I know too many people that have had such bad experiences with this school system.
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As a student that recently graduated I would highly advise attending a school in Lebanon or Cookeville. Smith County has no AP classes and their "honors" classes are provide the exact same content as the normal classes. About half of teachers do not take class seriously, or they are simply not good at teaching. If you go to school here you will realize you are not prepared for college your first day of Freshman year at all.
Smith County school districts are small allowing for kids to be focused on individually, however; this can also lead to favoritism in some cases.
My experience at Smith County schools has been the best. I have made many friends and have had many teachers help my work towards my future goals. The worst part is lunch i do not think they give enough filling food
The Smith County School District is a wonderful district, it provides children with a welcoming and nurturing environment while also providing cutting edge technology for students to use and prepare them for the transition to college and the work force. The greatest aspect of this district is the small town attitude, teachers truly care and are hands-on in the classroom providing the optimal teaching and learning environment for each student's specific needs with in reason. Over all, it is one of the greatest!
Smith County School District is an amazing school district. The faculty and staff are amazing. You can not find any more professional, but also heart-to-heart people. Smith County School District is the best.
I like the teachers because they take the time to teach you. The school is a safe learning environment, and I appreciate all the teachers and principals for making me feel special.
Smith county schools are safe and all of the teachers are nice. They care about the future of their students. There is a strong sense of community and family throughout the district.
This school district is a wonderful district. There are many wonderful faculty and staff here. ACT scores have improved a lot these past few years. It is a blessing to be a student here.
My overall experience with the district is good. If I could change one thing about the schools it would be healthier school lunches.
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