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Although the school has wonderful academics, it seems to be lacking diversity. Going to Shorewood were told that everyone has a voice yet the school decides to listen to just a few of those voices ( leadership kids)
Schools need to ask students if they have any issues with any classes specially kids from different country.
I love the different option's they have in terms of activities, however, I believe that some students are left out and don't get the same opportunities as other privileged students.
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The Shoreline school district is very academically focused and the teachers at Shorewood have a passion for their jobs and helping students. Our schools ensure that students' schedules work well and even provide a type of study period called "SAS".
I've enjoyed my time at school here. The academics and college prep is very good. They also given students' safety top priority.
I moved to the Shoreline School District at the beginning of my freshman year and was pleasantly suprised by the welcoming community that was provided. It was easy to find a group of friends and the right amount of rigor in my schedule. I would change the schedule because the way it is set up now results in everyone having 30 minute classes on Wednesday.
I think that we could use a little bit more diversity(teacher wise). There are only about 5 staff members at my high school of over 50 teachers who aren't white.
I’m almost at the end of my long 13 years here and I feel pretty prepared for college despite not having taken any AP courses. The staff at Shorewood High School really do a great job of keeping the school a fun, yet professional place. I think they realize how important and formative the four years you spend at high school are, and realize how fun they should be. And that is exactly what my experience, up to today, has been so far. Still another whole year to go but I’m ready for what’s next.
Its an average school district but I would like more concern for student health and overall high school experience. They do not consider student feedback and many of the decisions are not beneficial for students. There needs to be a better diversity of courses and academically challenging activities. The district is also in a relatively wealthy white neighborhood, so many opportunities and the school culture is not as inclusive as it could be. There needs to be more of a focus and funding for arts and other clubs or organizations, rather than sports.
I studied in Shoreline Community College and I would say that the diversity of the school had a great impact on me. Also, the very smart and helpful teachers have molded my mind into what it is today.
Shoreline School District takes time to make sure that everyone is involved is being heard and respected. It takes care of the faculty along with it's students and allows people to grow and take steps toward their goals.
I liked the Shoreline School District because I felt like it was very organized and put together. Something I would like to see change is the administration taking more action against racial harassment. Although I can see that they want to help, at times it seems like they don’t.
The shoreline school district needs to put more efforts into meeting students needs. Often students concerns are disregarded or ignored. They focus more on the achievements of sports students rather than all academics. The teachers are often incompetent and unprofessional at times during the school week.
A great school with teachers who care and classmates who work hard for their education. We have a lot of spirit at sporting events and homecoming week, and it's a great energy to be around! We have a lot of resources, but unfortunately our arts programs are underfunded. That's the only real complaint I can make, I've been a part of many clubs and activities through the school and between those and the education from my classes, it has really helped me decide the kind of person I am today.
Pretty good school, Lacks some things but what school doesn't. Brand new school which is very nice. Decent teachers, not super great administration, don't feel super safe. Overall, decent school.
know that staff and teacher care for the children and have a great desire and commitment to educate students attending school
I enjoyed how easy it is to communicate with facility members from shoreline school district, easy to locate schools and close to everything you need!
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The community is very open and welcome to all people. Our schools are very diverse and have a club for everyone! The education you receive is amazing too!
I really like how dedicated the teachers are to their students and how prepared I feel heading into college. The athletics in Shoreline have also molded me into the person I am today, I am not sure where I would be without the Shoreline School District.
It was all about accolades for the district and not about the students they gave so much homework and had my daughter so stressed out the her child psychiatrist suggested I pull her out of the district. They were considered a top District in the state but my daughter was so stressed that she could barely read or write and was a high school senior with a 4.0 gpa, I transferred her to Seattle Schools and she got a quality education without the stress and an English teacher there took the time to teach her to read and write she ended up getting a full ride acedemic scholarship to Barea College.
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