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I liked the Shoreline School District because I felt like it was very organized and put together. Something I would like to see change is the administration taking more action against racial harassment. Although I can see that they want to help, at times it seems like they don’t.
The shoreline school district needs to put more efforts into meeting students needs. Often students concerns are disregarded or ignored. They focus more on the achievements of sports students rather than all academics. The teachers are often incompetent and unprofessional at times during the school week.
A great school with teachers who care and classmates who work hard for their education. We have a lot of spirit at sporting events and homecoming week, and it's a great energy to be around! We have a lot of resources, but unfortunately our arts programs are underfunded. That's the only real complaint I can make, I've been a part of many clubs and activities through the school and between those and the education from my classes, it has really helped me decide the kind of person I am today.
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Pretty good school, Lacks some things but what school doesn't. Brand new school which is very nice. Decent teachers, not super great administration, don't feel super safe. Overall, decent school.
know that staff and teacher care for the children and have a great desire and commitment to educate students attending school
I enjoyed how easy it is to communicate with facility members from shoreline school district, easy to locate schools and close to everything you need!
The community is very open and welcome to all people. Our schools are very diverse and have a club for everyone! The education you receive is amazing too!
I really like how dedicated the teachers are to their students and how prepared I feel heading into college. The athletics in Shoreline have also molded me into the person I am today, I am not sure where I would be without the Shoreline School District.
It was all about accolades for the district and not about the students they gave so much homework and had my daughter so stressed out the her child psychiatrist suggested I pull her out of the district. They were considered a top District in the state but my daughter was so stressed that she could barely read or write and was a high school senior with a 4.0 gpa, I transferred her to Seattle Schools and she got a quality education without the stress and an English teacher there took the time to teach her to read and write she ended up getting a full ride acedemic scholarship to Barea College.
The teachers are for the most part nice and flexible, occasionally teachers and administration can be harsh and use unnecessary force.
Loved the Academics, teachers were great on average, especially in AP and Honors classes. College prep wasn't very helpful. Bullying and aggression between the student population was handled terribly. Don't join unless your student doesn't have a history with being bullied or being a bully themselves.
Shoreline is a very nice, and clean place. I have grown up in the Shoreline school district, and have enjoyed school from Kindergarten through Senior year. The staff (for the most part) are kind, and love what they do. There is not as much diversity as I wish there was. There is a very important focus on education and academics, which is important, but sometimes the sports and clubs are not the priority. Finally sometimes the students do not feel as though they are being looked after as much as they wish they were, but staff are always willing to listen. Overall, I think that Shoreline schools are very focused on academics and most of the students are content with where they are.
I have been attending Shorewood for two years now and in the beginning I had to have surgery and I missed a whole lot of school but the teachers worked with me and they did whatever they could to help me and make sure I keep up with everyone else. The Faculty and Staff are great with understanding struggles and helping you through them. Definitely would recommend this School!
The majority of students are white, hence the institutions are white serving. I always have to explain my culture and our mannerisms to white people because they view it as "weird."
This district really take their time to hear the parents and students about to improve their child's education, which is why shoreline schools have many programs to help their students.
Shoreline school district did well at preparing its students for college. It was seemed well funded, and the teachers, staff, and administration seemed invested in their students.
The Shoreline School District was incredibly diverse. I had teachers who I am still in touch with even though I already graduated. Overall it is a well led school district that I am satisfied to have been a part of for 7 years.
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Shoreline is a very diverse place with a lot of forestry and rain. The high schools are only a couple of years old and provides students with a new atmosphere and classrooms to study in.
There is a diverse group of students and a welcoming environment. The teachers are helpful and want to see their students succeed in academics and life. The counselors are great and supportive, and the career center is helpful in preparing students for college or plans after high school.
I like the diversity and all the different classes my school offers. The lunch menu includes very different varieties of food everyday
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