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Most of the teachers are very nice, and I am happy to go to school here. However, the HS math department could go about teaching better. Half of the bathrooms seem to be out of order most of the time, but the custodians are very kind and always hard at work.
Sherwood school district is a great place for kids... the people are involved in their community and everyone so helpful and wants a clean environment of the kids. Sherwood schools aren't very diverse and we don't have a lot of minorities.
Sherwood's main issue is with diversity. The school tries its best to make all students feel welcome, however, due to a lack of knowledge about inclusion, attempts come off as ignorant.
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I am currently a senior in high school and have had a great experience attending Sherwood district schools from kindergarten thru 12th grade. The students, teachers and community in general are all supportive and care for one another.
Sherwood is a great place for all to learn. I have grown up here and I feel confident in my readiness for college and to continue on with my life. Teacher really care about you and the community is great.
I have really enjoyed the Sherwood school district. I actually have gone to 3 of the four elementary schools- a couple years each. I have always bonded with the teachers here because they really seem to care about their students. Sherwood has a really good arts program as well, in the high school at least. It would be better if there was some more diversity, but Sherwood students still seem very welcoming of all kinds of people.
Math curriculum isn't the best and not many real life opportunities like internships of job shadowing . most teachers are nice and no much bullying or fights.
The experience was over all very good. There is lots of exciting extracurricular activities for the students. But some of the things they do to get a better school score make the score potentially incomparable to other schools.
I generally enjoyed my experience at Sherwood High School. Specifically, the teachers in the west wing. They all care about their students and their discipline, and want to see everyone succeed. The math department really needs to reboot. The teachers are incompetent and seem to ignore the needs of the students. We had one good math teacher two years ago, and he left. They make math harder than it should be, and it is such a common struggle subject, Sherwood needs to invest in quality math teachers.
This school was pretty good as a school, I guess most of my bad experience came from the other students so the school itself was pretty good. It is a very safe and sheltered town which is good for kids but at the same time the parents that don't prepare their kids for being on their own, those kids are immature and kind of screwed and don't understand anything.
sherwood has many amazing teachers who help you get through the difficulties of high school. as all high schools do it does have its ups and downs but overall sherwood has been great.
The Sherwood School District is a great place to learn. They are very inclusive and considerate of everyone's needs.
I enjoyed how close knit the community was. For the future, I hope to see the upper levels of schooling help kids with the transition into college.
Sherwood High School has provided me with an excellent education, but only because I was willing to take AP and dual credit courses. These courses, while limited in variety, have allowed me to truly become college ready. I would like to see the school place less importance on football, and to offer a foreign language other than Spanish. SHS should also consider using a weighted GPA scale, to benefit those taking AP courses.
I have had a mixed experience with Sherwood School District, and Sherwood High School. Sherwood is very good at targeting the below-average student, so that "everybody passes," but that often leaves accelerated students like myself high and dry. Most of my teachers have honestly be idiots, except for the select few that have somehow been amazing. As for extracurricular activities, I am actually impressed by Sherwood High School's elective options and available clubs, and that is important to me. The social setting, I believe, redeems the district some as well, through know fault of their own. In sports, we have been very successful, but I personally have had problems with multiple coaching staffs, and I know that is a recurring theme in other sports as well. Our academics our fine but not exceptional in any way. And finally, our administration. They are horrible, and give the students no freedom whatsoever.
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