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Sherman Central School District Reviews

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Sherman is a small town school that offers the ability to have close nit relationships with both students in your class, classes above and below you, and with the teachers. This school provides an encouraging and adaptive learning environment. Both sports and academia are held to the highest standards. I had a wonderful experience and still maintain wonderful relationships with some teachers and friends I have grown close to throughout the years spent in those halls.
I love the how nice the teachers and staff are. They are always willing to help. Although it is a small school, it has prepared me for life outside of school. The clubs and activities they offer have taught me so many skills that are useful to continue my studies. It really is a great school.
Everyone is very nice and the school has a laid back feel to it from the moment you walk through the doors. They strive to make connections with the students and try to be there to help them in all of their endeavors. College planning is assisted and you know you can ask anyone around if you need help.
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I think sherman overall is a great school. They have amazing teachers who connect with you on a personal level. They make sure to give you advice whether it be about school or personal life.
I grew up in the small town of Sherman, NY, where everybody knows each other and everyone else's business. Sherman Central School is your average small Western NY high school. Our teachers are excellent and push us to strive for greatness. The same cannot be said for the administration however, the school lacks in that aspect immensely.
Most of Sherman Central was you typical highschool experience. SCS is a very smal school, with only ~35 students in each graduating class. Therefore, the opportunities are lacking as well as diversity.
This school is great!! It is very small but you know everybody. There really isn't and bullying. The teachers are the best. I wouldn't recommend any other school!!
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