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Sheridan School District No. 2 Reviews

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The people here are very friendly and kind and they always make sure to keep you safe and make sure you're doing good in school.
I've been in the Sheridan school district since pre-school. I love it. Even though it's small, I've met such amazing people here. I made new friends every year and because of this, it's my senior year and I know literally everybody. It's kind of like a big web. When you meet someone then you're already good friends and knowing that person leads to meeting and knowing their friends. The same can be said about the teachers. Once you meet them, you're already close. I feel safe at Sheridan. I can talk to anyone about anything or everything. And they talk to me too.
I would like to see more classes! We need to be a lot more open minded with students situations. Also we should prepare our students for college in a productive way such as more college fairs helping them be on track with grades .
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Throughout my 4 years of attending this high school, I can confidently say that my experience here has been both up's and downs. This year being my last and final year of high school I can say that this school overall has indeed assisted me with my later on goals in life of becoming a SFX Makeup Artist. To say the least though, I would most definitely recommend attending Sheridan High School if you are looking to succeed with having overcome challenges. The only complaints I do have about this school/ things I myself and other students believe could be better, is the issue of teachers constantly being hired and fired within a couple week time period and having to get used to another teachers curriculum in a matter of a couple days.
Sheridan High School is one of the smallest school, but there are a lot of people who can help you with everything, and a lot of the teachers are very helpful. this is my senior year, but the first semester in Sheridan High School. I discover many friendly people, and their reactions to others are like family. I am an AVID student, and they are helping me with all of my things that needed to graduate. it is extremly difficult to trranfer schol from one school to another, but I still feel confiedent as I was before.
As a student I felt like some teachers really cared about our success and involvement in class. Are school is very tight and many people who go here know each other. Once the good teachers left everything kind of shifted. Our new principle took away most of our traditions, and the spirit in this school could be better.
I loved the community ! There is an amazing opportunity that we are able to take advantage (concurrent enrollment) and it has helped increase my knowledge.
Our school is composed of administration and teachers that do not reflect the population of students. Although our student to teacher ration is small, students such as myself do not feel comfortable with trusting or reaching out to our teachers let alone our administration officials.
I've been in the Sheridan School district since fourth grade and I have seen change. I loved my first two years of high school but once getting to my junior year, things began to change such as administration and staff.
Michelle Kelley was a average principal, but now that she is gone, the whole district is in much better hands.
Something that makes this school great is the size of it ( really depends on the student and what they prefer). It really helps the students connect with the teachers and staff. If you ever need help with something you can count on almost anyone in the building to help you out. There is small things that can be fixed but nothing to crucial.
Its horrible. every teacher dont help, the food serive is bad as well and there is everything that people dont expect and teres always bad kids.
The teachers actually care about you and support you! Sheridan becomes your second home because of the students and staff there. They could work on trying to step up their game in academics. There is a lot of smart people however we are in a world where popularity is worth more than good grades, good attendance and striving for greateness
Sheridan had delveloped me greatly as a student, but over the past year we have gone through a series of events that made the school take a couple steps back. But I wouldn't choose to go anywhere else.
Sheridan school district is a really small district but the staff is amazing. you really get a one on one experience.
I have a great experience at this school. Sheridan has many resource for our students to use and they are really supporting with whatever you do. The only downside of this college was the school spirit.
My experience in sheridan high school has been a great experience. The staff here is very and helpful because its such a small school so you are able to get a lot of help. Also there is a lot of sports that you could join and activities you could. Also a great school because your able to make a lot of friends and because the school is so small you could communicate well with people. Another reason it has been a great experience you could get more help from your teachers no matter what because the school is so small
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Sheridan, it's my home. It's everyone's home. It's small and everybody knows everyone. We are all like a family. We all know eachother and we all grew up with eachother so we know what happened in their past. Sheridan will forever be my home. Class of 2017
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