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Unless you have money and a popular name you/your child will get severely bullied in this school and they will not get the education they need. It's a horrible school...honestly surprised they meet standards to stay open.
Sheridan was a great school to go to academically. However, the administration didn't care as much for their students as they did their appearance. It made it hard to enjoy our senior year when we are so limited on everything around us.
For the most part, the Sheridan School District is a great school to get the full on learning experience. With very nice and talented teachers, comes smart and talented students as well.
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I have went to Sheridan High School for twelve years. It is a very inclusive environment with faculty and staff who look out for the well-being of the students. At Sheridan High School there are many fundraisers and actives centered around our sporting seasons. However Sheridan does focus too much on our football and basketballs teams. Sheridan also have very few clubs that any student could be apart of. They also have lots of AP classes that are free for students to participate in.
Just last year the added on to the high school and added another middle school. The teachers are great. There is some things I have problems with but over all they are moving up and becoming better.
I came to the Sheridan School district my junior year. It was hard at first because this is just a challenging school to say the least, but I easily became more involved with the school and my school work all together. The teachers try their hardest in their teaching. As a student in all AP classes and different clubs which take up all my free time, I don’t regret being as involved as I am. The school has a great environment just all around. Teachers care about you and your work. You walk in the classroom and you can instantly feel that you’re wanted.
Sheridan School District is a large district within a small town. That being said, we are starting to attract more and more attention with having a millage recently passed and some brand new academic facilities because of said millage. Sheridan is a school with increasing student opportunities every year.
I had an amazing experience at Sheridan. The number one thing I loved about this school is that they always put their students first we were always their top priority. With everything thats going on with the corona virus this year I feel like they handled it very well. The school did not want the year to come down to us doing online school, but they always do whats best for their students and their safety.
I have had a very positive experience in the Sheridan School District. There has not been a day that I did not feel safe or welcome. The teachers have helped me prepare myself for college and have taught me what to expect when I get there. Being a yellow jacket has greatly impacted my life; I would not trade the memories and relationships that I have made for anything.
leaves kids behind in sub in school that is what they did with my girl we moved her to a diff school
Sheridan School District has excellent administration. Being apart of this school has shaped my intelligence, effort, and helped with consuming time. I have attended this district all my life and I have been taught so much. Many students get along and we all communicate and see each other as a one. Our sports teams are hardworking and full of talent. The academics at our school is very strong. Although Sheridan School District needs to be better at all being together. There are cliques and some students may feel left out. Sometimes the administration may be a little bias. Overall I am proud and honored that I attend Sheridan School District.
Very good. Prepared me for college. The facilities were upgraded my senior year. That enhanced my education experience. I really enjoyed my time with the band program also.
Sheridan High School, is a phenomenal school. They provide us with very many opportunities and very many school subjects. I have gone to Sheridan since seventh grade and I personally could not be happier with my environment.
Sheridan is a great place to go for a small town community.
I have attended the Sheridan School district my whole life. You can not find another school that has such compassionate , caring staff and students.
Nice small town feel. Excellent environment, great academics, culture, sports!
Good people, great school district.

We moved from Little Rock to Sheridan and we love it!
I was a 1979 senior. My brother graduated with me and could barely write his name. My grandchildren are currently attending Sheridan school district.
Just as I was leaving Sheridan, positive changes seemed to be happening. It's a larger school district in a small town. This contradiction means a lot of clubs and teams that are not athletically related are overlooked or deemed unworthy of funds. The year I graduated both the principal and assistant principal retired, and since then, I have heard more positive things from current students.
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I have been very impressed with the security of the school and kindness of the teachers. It’s nice to know that my child is well cared for when she’s there. She loves school.
The teachers are pretty good and I feel like I got a good education. I always felt safe at school and everyone is mostly nice.
The academics are excellent and prepare you for college. The school could be a bit more involved with the community but the sports teams are very good.
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