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I like the size and different educational, club and athletic opportunities they provide. There are a variety of course selection to choose from. You also have the opportunity to take a number of college courses to get a feel for different fields of study. Athletes has the opportunity to choose from a large number of sports each season. If your not an athlete and would like to be a part of a club the options are limitless.
As I went through Shen for 4 years I noticed many things. The school itself offers amazing programs and has an abundance of things to offer. The clubs/activities/sports are all excellent programs to get your child involved with but it is one of the bigger schools in the area and has about 800 kids per grade. This might be harder for many kids to get used to the atmosphere and might be very hard for those kids that are struggling to get the attention and care they need. Other than that I would recommend Shenendehowa Central School District to any parent who wants their child to have an enriched education while being offered many opportunities.
Shenendehowa is an amazing school district. The teachers and other staff are so caring and kind towards others, for the most part.
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It was very athletic focused, and while there were many academic opportunities, the arts program was often overlooked as a real force in the school.
I enjoyed attending school here. I feel as though I learned a lot of lessons outside of the classroom while going here. The students and teachers were very diverse and were open to talking about their diversity. I feel as though it really prepared me for college and the outside world.
I have had a great experience at Shenendehowa High School. Attending a large public school has provided me a lot of opportunities. I have been able to participate in Varsity sports and clubs. Teachers are very helpful as well as my school counselor who has helped me with college readiness.
I enjoyed Shenendehowa it was a challenging high school. Teachers cared and always had time to help you out. It gave me lots of opportunity in sports, clubs and academics
Shenendehowa is an amazing school that offers a variety of choices for classes. It gives you many extra skills and loads of knowledge that you wouldn't be offered anywhere else. Their athletics department is one of the highest and most entertaining in all of New York. Highly recommend others to go to Shen! I would rate it a 10/10. Best school in New York State!
There were some really amazing teachers and I feel well prepared for college. One thing I would like to change would be the weighting of classes, I think AP classes should count for more weight than they do.
Everyone is pretty nice once you figure out your friend groups. This can be achieved through sports or clubs. There’s quite a variety of things you can do.
I started going to Shen in 9th grade and everyone was super welcoming. For the most part, the teachers are nice and helpful. If I could change anything, I would make it so that students have more of a voice and that their ideas were more appreciated.
Great school, I’m graduating 2020 and I’ve been at Shenendehowa since Kindergarten. The teachers are great and work hard at their jobs. In the middle schools and high school, there are also many clubs and sports teams that are available to try out for.
Shen was a very large school district that provided resources for just about all of their students. Education was fairly rigorous and the athletic programs were amazing. As a musician, runner, and science buff, it is not hard to be grateful for all that the school had to offer. I still look back on the amazing English and History teachers I had in high school.
Shen was overall a good school. The classes are larger than ideal but with a school as large as it is, they try their best. Most of the teachers are good but the counselors could help more than they do.
Increase funding for non sport activities. Otherwise, the teachers and the counselers know their job, so they will prepare you for college. Tons of electives and classes are provided for whatever branch the student wishes to join.
Various opportunities are available to become involved in your school such as clubs and sports. There is unfortunately limited elective assortment besides more basic arts and music. Shenendehowa is also lacking compared to other high school in overall school spirit even though there are many exciting events within the school.
Shenendehowa offers a diverse range of resources that enables students to focus on their career paths and prepare for college. The great deal of support from the teachers has resulted in the Shenendehowa schools having test scores that are above the state average. The school helps students to become independent and responsible which is apparent in the lack of bully and drug usage in the school. While there are many students who take part in rigorous college-level courses, some fall behind, resulting in a gap in achievement. Also the school
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Shen is a very large school - this comes with advantages and disadvantages. Looking back at school I'm very thankful for all of the opportunities provided to me by the high school and for all of the friends I was able to make, along with the very good education and number of teachers.
That school district sucks. The teachers are bullies. There’s a lot of racist teachers and students in that school district. If you have a happy child do not bring them to that school district unless you are ready for anxiety, depression and other armful things. The teachers are the worst; you’ll be lucky to find three teachers who are not bullies even the substitute are horrible. Picking on kids and making feel low. Not a place for bright student especially if you are a minority. I wouldn’t recommend it. Even though the school district is more diverse now than it was 14 yrs ago; the minorities students treatment is way higher though. I wouldn’t say it’s better than Troy or Albany, since I know students from those two schools also. The school district need to really train they teachers and staffs.
Despite all the criticism from the students, it isn't all that bad. What needs to be worked on is discipline and hall monitor training to better reach the young adults in the school and encourage them to be better. The school should also focus less on bragging about sports and low drug usage, but instead focus on fixing what still needs to be addressed.
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