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Overall it is a safe environment, with great teachers and decent learning equipment. Some of the facilities definitely need updating but for what it is, it is a great district to be in.
Shelton High School is a good place to send your child. My 4 years of high school I have been doing really well with my grades, the teachers here are always here to help me. I love all my classes and I love all my friends. The one thing I wish I could change is all the smoking in the bathrooms and the fights that occur. It is not healthy for us to have to see that. Other than that I am really glad I spent my 4 years at Shelton High School
The school and teachers have been a great fit for me in my 4 years there. They have prepared me to move on to College including playing football at the collegiate level. The town supports the school and athletics which I believe is a very important part of going to a great school. It was the best decision made when we had to move into a new town. They have a diverse set of classes and activities that allowed me to see what I want to do when I am older, even taking Marketing class that was college level. For the most part, the school has modern technology but the school in general could use some upgrades. They did get a new football field last year. The coaches and players were like second family to me.
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The Shelton School District provided all of the necessary educational requirements and offered extracurricular activities to enrich my academic life.
Shelton does a great job of college readiness. Their athletics are excellent. It is a fun community.
I am currently a senior at Shelton High School. Overall, my experience has not been the worst. I have made amazing friends, experienced wonderful faculty, and been involved in many extracurricular activities. I would like to change a few issues. First is safety, students are fighting, smoking, and doing drugs constantly and it is simply not a safe environment. I would also add more rigorous classes, including AP and duel-enrollment.
I like how much is offered at the school. You have such of a variety to pick from when it comes to classes.
In my past 4 years at Shelton High School, our headmaster and one assistant principle have been under police investigation, there has been violence against students by a teacher, and there have been weapons and threats brought into the school. I have felt less and less secure in my educational environment every year.
I love this school, I am currently in the basketball team and i have made so many long term friends, also most of the teachers here take their job seriously and are highly passionate in the material and they try to engage the students as well.
Dealing with Shelton High School was a positive experience. Teachers were approachable and the new administrators are doing a job. I would change all the negative publicity the Shelton Schools, as a whole, have being receiving. the fighting with the BOE and Mayor needs to stop. They are ruining the school system.
The School District has a terrific Superintendent who knows almost every child by name. He's in the schools all the time, engaging with the students and encouraging them. The high school has a crack robotics team and the drama club has put on excellent productions. Kids thrive in Shelton Schools.
Administration at the high school was involved in a situation involving police, and they did not handle it properly. It was only two of the administrators, but it makes me feek slightly unsafe
This school district is severely under funded and shows it. It took 3 years to repair the tennis courts and the parking lot but it was ok to spend thousands on a new football field. This school district only cares about athletics and does not respect the arts! Some teachers and administrators are great, but some are not. It is really hit or miss.
The administration was full of allegations my senior year. Too many teachers and faculty were suspended over the school year. An English teacher in particular has worked there for 30 years and grades very harshly with little to no regard for student effort. She doesn’t help any students with work and usually sits in her chair reading a book all 45 minutes of the class. Definitely the worst teacher I have had out of my 12 years of high school. Other than that, most teachers are pretty fair.
City does not use enough money on district. The school is out of paper and students have a limit to resources offered to them. Textbooks are old and school is in need of new supplies for students. Also, students tend to have a lack of respect for authority and other peers creating a distracting environment for other students.
Shelton school district is unique considering it has barely any funding for the students. Wish Shelton would fund more for the schools but besides that everything is fine.
The district is so-so. I used to go there before moving to Groton and it was a good experience, but improvements are needed badly.
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The school district had a funding issue, which limited the ability to have the proper resources supplied. Overall, Shelton school district had its flaws but put forth the best it could to help me obtain the best education possible.
I like the overall atmosphere at Shelton High School. It is a great community to be apart of. The teachers are very good with their teaching skills, their hard work in trying to help students out, and their care for the students and school. The diversity could be better though. The school is 50% white and the rest are split up into Black African Americans, Asians, and Hispanics.
I felt very ill prepared when I ventured on to college. My guidance counselor was little to no help. However, some teachers made up for that lack of counselor involvement.
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