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There needs be an emphasis on preparing kids for real world things rather than busy work on algebra students will forget months later and never use again.
Shelby County schools have been the best school I have been to. They have great security, are up to date on the newest technology, the classes aren't too big or too small, and each teacher gets to know you on a personal level and becomes a friend and helper.
Everyone works hard to maintain the school's reputation and everyone is always very welcoming and committed.
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I’m a student here, there’s currently a pregnant 7th grader, failed drug deals, vaping, bullying, just disgusting. Not a good choice I’m school system
One thing that I like about Shelby County Schools is the number of resources and reliable adults available in the scenario where a student needs outside help or a mentor. I like the variation in curriculum and extracurricular activities so that there is something for everyone to enjoy.
Shelby County Schools has been a great place for me to get my education K-12. It has a great learning environment because I have learned about more than just science, math, English, and history. I would like to see more money go into academic clubs like Scholar's Bowl and Spanish Club though.
I liked teachers and the administrations at all of the schools. Also very clean. I didn’t like the fact we can’t wear leggings because if we could I think girls would not check in as much and if you’re learning while you’re comfy you will actually want to pay attention.
I love it. The teachers are very nice and willing to work with you no matter the struggle. The campus is always well kept. Learning is made fun along with wonderful once in a life time experiences.
Shelby County Schools are a very close family. The administration is very involved in students every day life.
I look forward to going to school every day! The teachers care about their students. The administration makes sure messages are conveyed clearly and with urgency. The only thing I don't love about our school district is the lack of representation. My school does nothing for black history month and our minority student union hasn't done much at all.
I love attending Shelby County High School. This school offers many rigorous advanced placement courses which allow me the oppurtunity to receive college credit and it offers diverse groups and clubs. I throughly enjoy attending this school.
I mostly liked school, and I happened to learn many life lessons. The only thing that seemed to be lacking was an honest staff at my school. Some teachers got away with too many things, such as lying and holding parties with alcohol.
I loved attending Shelby County Schools, more specifically Calera schools. We have great administrators and teachers who often got brought up to work for the board. Everyone is so helpful and caring and it makes the high school experience very enjoyable.
District Office staffing is top heavy. No innovative thinking from leadership and no rigor in the curriculum.
It has been great. Have not had many problems accept with the High School I went to. They were not really willling to work with students who needed a little extra help, or who weren’t as able as others. My brother has extreme ADHD, and when he went there, he always got in trouble. My parents tried to work with the school to improve the problem, but they weren’t willing.
We pulled our kids from Shelby County schools well before we intended in favor of private education. It was apparent to us very early on that administrators and district leadership had low standards and felt that "average" was something to celebrate. Leadership is not trustworthy and have their heads buried in the sand. Any time a parent or community member offers constructive feedback for improvement, the district deflects the issue, takes a defensive posture, crawls into a hole, and offers nothing but smoke and mirrors. Meanwhile, multiple student suicides keep occurring within the district.
Great! I hope to see more involved teachers and hands-on assignments, but the graduation rates are absolutely amazing
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I like how I always felt safe at school i also likes how the teachers were always willing to help you. I didnt like the amount of busy work that was required. I felt like sometimes it was easy to find loop holes for my education. Sometimes I just felt like I was memorizing instead of actually learning.
Something i like about shelby county schools is that the teachers really care about you. The teachers dont act like teachers that only giving you a grade to pass. They really work with you to help you understand what your learning. The teachers are also very willing to help after school. I enjoy the school system i learned in and would recommend for anyone else.
These schools are amazing. Im a senior and I graduate in May. I have been going to Shelby County schools since headstart and they are just full of caring and loving people. They help us with any situation we have. These are the best schools ever
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