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Shawnee Heights Unified School District Reviews

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I have really enjoyed my time at Shawnee Heights. The teachers here in the district have been really supportive and try their best to make sure you have a successful high school experience. They are very caring and try to make sure you are having a good time while still learning what you need to.
I enjoy how most of the teachers genuinely care about their students. I dislike the strictness in regards to tardies and missed work, especially when the students have outstanding academic performance.
Overall Shawnee heights is a good school. They teach well-informed information for each class needed. Some teachers are easy to go to and to communicate with when problems occur. I do hope the school changes by making it seem like its always the student's fault when fights occur. The teachers do see the problems but don't do anything about it besides looking away. Though also the students treat the teachers poorly when they come into a class they assume will be an "easy a". Very sad, they're losing great teachers because of this reason.
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The best things about shawneeheights is the community it has. This school has a good size for opportunities, and this includes Ap classes,college visits, and feild trips. However, this school needs more diversity.
I attended the district from kindergarten through senior year of high school. I've seen many changes throughout the district during my years attending the district. There were many opportunities for students to get involved in activities, clubs, and academics. Along with many opportunities, the school was very focused on keeping the students safe and ready for new academic challenges while providing a fun environment. I can say Shawnee Heights school district impacted my life and has helped me in years to come in college and more.
This school has prepared me for College and life. They have provided me with ample leadership opportunities and they have enough things that absolutely everyone can become involved. I love SHHS and wouldn’t trade it for the world.
Shawnee Heights school is very respected with academics. Teachers are held accountable for how students do.
All of the staff at Shawnee Heights are so friendly and genuinely want an individual to get the best education possible. I have been in the Shawnee Heights district from K-12 and i wouldn’t rather be anywhere else
One of my favorite things about this school is the musical experience and how good the music programs are. They also want you to be very successful and are proactive to helping your needs.
The school seems to have a lack of caring for students while an overwhelming amount of care for making it seem to the parents of the students that everything is fine. Little to no support is given to struggling students either academically or otherwise.
There are some great teachers but equally there are some very bad teachers. I wish that they would offer a larger variety of classes and electives to choose from. I wish that the administration treated all students equally, athletes and non-athletes. I used an iPad for four years with no regular keyboard access.
Great district ....................................................................
Very good school, administrators need some work when it come to discipline actions. Teachers definitely know what they’re doing and talking about, sports are fabulous.
The Shawnee Heights Unified School District is overall an amazing school, there are a vast variety of classes available to students in high school. The elementary and middle schools also have very in depth science and math labs, the teachers are also very understand and supportive of students. The teachers work hard to give every student the opportunities they need to be successful.
Growing up in the Shawnee Heights District, it has been so exciting for me to not only watch as more students come in every year, but also as the friends I've had since kindergarten develop into the person they are today. It has definitely helped shaped me into the person that I am proud to be today.
I like how I always feel safe and I seem to fit in. All the teachers are extremely nice and helpful, if you are struggling you can get help from a teacher no matter what.
Shawnee Heights is a school that is always trying to be better and that I respect. It strives to help its students as much as possible and it typically does well enough. There are a few things I would like to see changed such
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This school has gave me a great experience and has taught me life long lessons. Would 10/10 recommend to anyone looking at the Topeka area!!
I love this school; the theatre department, athletic programs, and academic successes are unlike any other school. It’s a great day to be a T-Bird!!!!
Best school district in the city! It is a family feeling at every grade level. The teachers and faculty care about the students and their success.
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