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Sharyland Independent School District Reviews

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Considered by most in south Texas to be the “rich” schools, it is an entire school district based on a foundation of smoke and mirrors. Although education-wise it is very good, socially it is a disaster. Many events go undocumented to preserve the appearance of perfection when in fact many awful things do happen. Socially, the schools consists mainly snobby students who are rude to teachers and revolve their lives around images. Unlike many other high schools, this group is a loud majority. I’ve had friends leave the district and say they would not come back based solely on the fact that the student body is so untamed. You are either “with” these people or casted aside by them. However, if you are looking for great academics in all fields this is a great district.
I overall enjoyed my experience at Sharyland ISD, with the facilities, staff and general student body being very friendly. It is truly one of the best school districts in the valley.
I think its a really excellent school where you get to achieve your goals and dreams. There are really good teacher were you learn new stuff everyday and very lots of information if your planning to be and engineer or architect
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I really like my school, but like everything there is not perfection. I have been studying in this school for two years and I feel confortable, I have seen my teachers who enjoy teaching and giving the best of them.
Unlike most schools that have many rules in place, the difference at Sharyland ISD is that the faculty is very keen on following through and enforcing the rules.
The Sharyland Independent School District is a prestige school district offering many opportunities to students, academically and sports wise. With the help of parent involvement and teachers and staff, a tight knit community has been established, creating a loving family among all of those in the district. Being a student in the Sharyland Independent School District, I was given opportunities that helped me progress in my education, and grew with not only friends but also a family.
The teachers care for the students not just in the classroom, but for them as a person and want to see them succeed.
Sharyland strives to be world class, always.
I had a solid experience attending middle school and high school. Many of the teachers and staff members made a lasting positive impact on my character.
I was a student at Sharyland ISD since I was a child all the way through high school, overall it is a good school district.
The school district is very competitive and supports all extracurricular activities as well as student's academics. They have great teachers and great education. Sharyland ISD is very good in helping high school students apply for colleges and to prepare for college. They also guide students in the selection of a career or a small job throughout college.
It was great education but with strict beliefs of how a school should function. I enjoyed my time in elementary, jr. high, and specially in high school. There’s a lot of involment with teachers and club initiation.
I've been apart of SISD since kindergarten, and I've loved it. Most teachers seem to really care about students' education, which is refreshing. However, SISD, in my experience, tends to focus more on extracurricular activities more than academics unfortunately.
Top students are extremely dedicated and there is a suitable environment for developing good work ethics. However, many of these students suffer in emotional health from work pressure in school.
Overall the school is acceptable. Some faculty members are not fit to be teachers, they are unknowledgeable in the field; some are rude and belittle students. I have only experienced teachers like this twice. The coaches for the most part are good, except for the girls head basketball, she is unknowledgeable in basketball, which is why the program has yet to advance to playoffs. Academically the school is great, however I would have appreciated more career based classes. The clubs are fantastic, there are many clubs. the diversity is poor, the school consists of hispanics. The administration is fantastic, they are all understanding and try the best to make our school great.
Sharyland High School is one of my best experiences. The teachers have helped me a lot, not only to learn a new language but also, have helped to be a better student, person, teammate, and others. The sports program in this school is awesome, they have the best coaches in the valley. The school involve the students in a lot of activities, the administration really cares about the students. The staff of the High School keeps the school always clean, they try to do their best job to keep the School the most hygiene that it could be. I highly recommend Sharyland High School to all the new district students, they really help you to achieve your goals, and to be a better person
I went to Sharyland High School... I think its the best one in the RGV, teachers really care about the students and the staff makes sure everyone is studying in a healthy environment.
I love Sharyland Independent School District for giving me the opportunity to attend Sharyland Advanced Academic Academy. This Early college program has helped me in many positive ways. I feel and know that after four years of high school I am college ready. Leaving the district with an associates degree in hand is such a big accomplishment for all of my classmates and myself.
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Sharyland ISD is a great district in prepping youth for college success. They offer courses that can be counted as college credit to help ease the financial burden of higher education. I would like to see programs to help students that want to study in other states besides Texas.
Sharyland ISD is, for the most part, a wonderful school district. However, I think the school should spend more time on ACT and SAT readiness
Sharyland School district is exceptional. Best schools in the RGV. Nice campuses and fairly knowledgeable staff. College prep could be better, but overall a good district with nice schools.
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