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The school community prides itself on its diverse makeup and core values, and for the most part it lives up to those ideals.
Sharon High School is a great in terms of academics and safety! I actually moved to Sharon because of the schooling system here. However, I do think there could be more diversity within the community there and more opportunities for the minorities at the school.
Sharon provides stellar opportunities, boasts fantastic academics, and has a fantastic counseling department. The teachers are dedicated and are usually great at their jobs. The building is very old and is sometimes a detriment to the learning environment. The school culture is lacking in spirit and is often very academically competitive. Parents must pay a lot of money for students to participate in school sports, and teams are not allowed to fundraise.
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Educators involved, parents involved. Great MCAS graduation rates /scores. Well prepared for college
Sharon Public Schools aim for excellence in education. They also promote a culture of diversity and acceptance which allows students to express themselves in a safe environment.
Very biased and indoctrinates students with liberal propaganda. Teaches very useless courses and puts students in detention for almost no reason.
Great school system. I loved learning from the teachers every single day. Everyone is very helpful and pushes you to succeed.
Faculty and staff in Sharon Public schools are very attentive to students' education and progress. The school provides a pleasant learning environment and encourages students to become involved in school sports and activities. The schools also provide students with many skills for the future such as communication, problem solving, having a strong work ethic, time management, and leadership skills.
Sharon is a great place to live and go to school. I'd like to see less pressure on the high school kids.
As a person who has switched schools over five times, due to moving multiple times growing up. My adopted mother and I decided to move into a safe area with a phenomenal school education. Phenomenal doesn't even justify the amount of comfort I have throughout my now multiple years of being at this school. Many people complain about how Sharon isn't all that and all this; but honestly, coming from my experience I think Sharon Public School was one of the best things that happened to me. The teachers are all so amazing including the hard teachers, I am planning to pursue going into Nursing. I would like to give a big thank you to my anatomy and physiology teacher for teaching me so much about the body in this past year and it will give me a really solid base ground for some of the things I have yet to learn in college! I am lucky and proud to say that I have gone through Sharon Public Schools!
Some classes are very rigorous, but the most classes contain mostly tedious work with little substance. Some teachers are really engaging and helpful, whereas some teachers shop online while we watch documentaries. However, by the end of the senior year, the kids who worked hard throughout high school are completely ready for college. On the other hand, the school is very diverse and has a very open environment. The clubs are underfunded and understaffed, but the students in the tend to put a lot of effort into their clubs making them enjoyable. The only sports the school is good at are sailing and tennis, and there is no culture around football, unlike many other schools. Food is served in the wrapping the school bought it in and tastes terrible.
The best part of Sharon is the teachers. With few exceptions, all the teachers I've had were enthusiastic about teaching, liked students, and knew their material well.
My experience with Sharon High School was awful. Beware if you're unique because if you enroll your students in Sharon HIgh school they will be ostracized. In a building full of students; I never felt so alone.
There is a very diverse group of students and faculty, but it would be beneficial for all members of the community if certain physical aspects of the school were improved, such as the cafeteria and library access.
Sharon Public Schools is an excellent school system. It has good diversity in terms of students' ethnicity, areas of interests, talents, and backgrounds. Most of the students are friendly and helpful in both the middle and high school and I was never bullied at those schools. Most teachers are also very approachable and helpful in their subjects. The guidance counselors in the high school are great and open and clarify any doubts one could have about the college admission process and help you in your college search.
Overall, I've had a pretty good experience with Sharon Public Schools. The academics here are excellent, and most of the teachers that I've had over the years were very good, too. However, there is a lot of pressure on students to get good grades.
Completely overrated. They need to get a real look at how they teach, get kids involved and offer a variety of classes. SHS is outdated for 2017 and only caters to the top 10% of the population everyone else can go suck a lemon in their minds. Just a number .... They really do not care about students at all
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Sharon High School has been great academically for me. The teachers are really good if you choose the right classes. School spirit sucks. The sports are no fun to see. The building is really run down. Kids are clique. Popularity is all about if your parents are friends with the otjer parents, if they are not you are not going to be considered cool, but you can still find good kids.
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