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Different teaching methods are found in different teachers so students will be able to find their personal learning way that fits them.
Overall, the school district has its highs and lows, like any school. A lot of the Honors Teachers are incredibly good teachers who care about their students. However, the lows are very low, like the middle VP who solicited naked photos from students.
I really enjoyed my time at Selinsgrove. They offered many different classes in different areas of education that we could take to help us learn more about our potential majors in college. For example, I took AP psychology my junior year which made me realize that I want to be a clinical psychologist. They also provided us with many opportunities to further our education such as the ACE program with Bloomsburg, Sun Tech, and many chances to earn college credits with other schools. They prepares us well for college and for life by requiring all students to take Career prep and personal finance. Not only did the teachers and faculty give us the proper education to help us learn and further our education but they also put in a lot of effort to make our sport teams and band very successful. Overall I believe that Selinsgrove is one of the best school districts to be involved in because of their commitment to the students education and future careers.
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It’s been a typical high school experience. No one pays attention to he music department. It’s all about sports and academics.
I was poor, so many of the activities were not available to me because of lack of affordability for the uniforms, extra training which would have helped tremendously. What was available was the school yearbook and newspaper. I was not given high level positions because, again, poverty limited others' knowledge of me as a person. I was the kid who wore the uncool clothes.
Selinsgrove Area School District is an amazing school both socially and educationally. Teachers and Administrators help you feel welcomed and go out of their way to make sure you are doing well and always are okay.
Selinsgrove area school district is a good school. My experience at this school district is good. The culture of the school is friendly. The teachers are very willing to help you with assignments. If there was one change I would like to see it would be in the food and more freedom for the students.
They are a very caring and helpful school. They're teachers are the best in the surrounding areas from caring about their students to teaching them and preparing them for college. I felt comfortable taking all college courses my senior year due to the preparedness that they instilled upon me and my guidance counselor helped make it happen.
Selinsgrove Area School District has a safe environment and you are surrounded by people who want you to succeed.
Selinsgrove is a great area to live in with the local sites and a wonderful school district. It has many advantageous opportunities to take rigorous courses such as APs and dual enrollment with Susquehanna University and Bloomsburg. The staff cares about their students and works to better the school. Many clubs and sports are available; they work to aid those financial struggling with food and other waivers.
Never have too many issues, never bullied, I feel very safe here, and enjoy my peers and teachers. Always have things to do with many friends. We have very good sport teams. Always have something to do that is fun and enjoyable after school as well as during. Many different classes for different people from outdoors to computers.
I enjoy the block scheduling at Selinsgrove. I also appreciate the diversity of the classes that I am able to take, ranging from Art, to Business, and to Agriculture.
During my kindergarten through junior year so far, I have found that my experience has been so good. I love going to school here as everyone is super nice to everyone. The teachers are super nice and their passion to help their students is the best ever.
Selinsgrove Area High School is a place where you can get a great education along with caring and concerned teachers. The teachers here will help you at anytime that you need help whether it is during your class time or not. The school is located in a beautiful town which is close knit. We dominate in school sports and is a big part of the curriculum and activities that the school offers. We even have a great cafeteria staff and if you go away hungry, it's your own fault. I especially like this school because this is where I was introduced to what I want to do in my future and was able to learn so much.
It was great getting to go to Selinsgrove but its not the best for electronics though. But I really did like going to the school and all the teachers are really nice and made it a great past 4 years for me.
Selinsgrove School District provides opportunity. Academics are held at high standards, club involvement is prevalent, and sports are greatly supported. Students are able to find their strengths and passions. Much like any public school, immaturity is expected. Restrictions are overly implemented to prevent immaturity, but fails, leaving students to face harsh rules and punishments.
Through my 4 years at Selinsgrove Area High School, I did not feel as if I believe there, other than with certain teachers. Everything was based off favorites and who did sports. It was not all that bad though, the administrators and some teachers helped make Selinsgrove worth my while.
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The Selinsgrove Area School District has an absolutely brilliant collection of teachers and administrators in all four schools from the elementary to the high school.
The teachers and administrators are great. They are supportive to the kids and their families. Had lots of fun going to Selinsgrove school. Also, have a great football team.
My teachers were amazing, although some of their teaching methods didn't match to how I learn, they are always willing to help if I don't understand. There is a problem with bullying and the staff help but only certain children there is definitely picking and choosing of favorites among the staff. Overall though the school is a great school to go to.
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