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School has been supportive and great. During the corona pandemic I had the teachers emailing me to make sure I understood the information and materials. I made some great friends there to. Thank you!
Schools have a very good environment, a safe place to go to, with the best teachers of the region, always willing to help students when we need their help. It also has good options of classes to take, of every field; you can have fun while learning and get good grades as well. You can take dual credit classes as well as AP courses of the classes you want or like the most, to receive college credits, so they give very good opportunities for everyone. The staff makes you feel comfortable, it is easy to go talk to everyone, before, during, or after classes.
I attended Sedgwick schools from 1-12grades and loved every minute of it. My grandma was a teacher in the Maxie district and I was so overwhelmed when we would visit her on our off days because of how large the campus was. I loved at Sedgwick that our campus was easy to get around, our teachers cared about us, they were approachable and they made sure that if we asked questions that we understood the answers. Now that I have children of my own we are back in Sedgwick to send our kids through as well. So far our children love it. Thank you Sedgwick school district for being so awesome for our students and community.
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The reason that most students who attended Sedgwick want to leave as quickly as possible could be summed up by the experiences they had with the teachers, coaches and other students. Some of the teachers would only explain the material to certain students (their favorites). the coaches played their favorit2s as well and would try to avoid letting anyone else play, the same five to seven for every sport. Students would make fun of others in their classes for being in those classes.
It's a good school. The teachers are amazing, the campus is small so it is easy to get around, and the students are friendly. The lunches aren't very good, however, what school lunches are?
Great school and pretty friendly students. The principle is always willing to help a student and the teachers really care about how well the students learn.
I attended this district k-12 I would say these years of my life taught me a lot about life. The school system i Kansas has never been the best but i feel like i got a quality education as far as my parents financial status goes. i remember loving my teachers and enjoying time with my friends. the yard i attended this district was a happy time in my life as well as educational i learned a lot about social interactions and even a lot about reading writing and math.
I attended Sedgwick Public Schools my entire life. Because the district was so small, I spent my entire life with the same group of around 40 kids from kindergarten to senior year. I loved how small the school was. Even though I can't say I was exactly friends with everybody, there was no doubt that we all cared for each other like a big family, especially in times of tragedy. My main complaint about the school, though, was the lack of clubs and activities that were not sports related. I am not athletic at all, nor could I play an instrument or sing well enough to be in the choir, so my only choice for a club was Scholar's Bowl. While Scholar's Bowl was a blast, I wish there could have been more of a selection of clubs and activities that I could have been a part of that could have really enhanced my high school experience.
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