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They made us wear lanyards. They provide us with shelter and keeps their students safe in inclimate weather. Students are given more freedom as they take on more responsibility.
This is not the most accurate because this is the only school district I have ever been a part of. However, this is a great school that has a lot of teachers that care about the students. I do not wish I could go anywhere else. I am happy here.
I love this school district because it's a very safe learning environment. It has good teachers that will do anything they can to help with your future.
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Good teachers, I highly recommend the JROTC. The Instructors are highly involved and they consistently are ranked at the top of the nation.
Smith cotton is a well educated school the teachers all do their best to help us students learn. They make learning seem easy and fun for us and they are the nicest people you will ever meet. If it weren’t for smith cotton I would not have the opportunities I have today and I’m very thankful for that.
Sedalia School District really cares about their students welfare and safety. It has made technology easily accessible for all students. It’s teaching staff cares about their students success, and there is a multitude of opportunities for everyone to be successful. The cafeteria gives a wide variety of meals and provides all students with a well balanced breakfast and lunch.
I would like to enforce more safety regulations and I would like our schools to help us get ready for college.
Sedalia 200 School District is very involved with students and our activities. They make sure that we can balance both our grades and our extra-curriculars. They are very adamant on every student having a plan when they graduate high school, whether they choose to attend college or not. On the other hand, the only thing I would change is the food.
The school district is large in size but offers many activities to participate in and the teachers are very helpful and supportive.
I believe that this school district is a very good choice for anyone to send a child to. The facilities are great and the teachers are amazing.
I've always had a positive experience being in the Sedalia School District. All the teachers really treat their students well and help them strive to succeed. There are many opportunities for students to get involved and try new things.
My overall experience has been average for me. I have enjoyed playing football. I have enjoyed my musical experience at the school. I participated in band for all four years at the school. We have traveled to several locations to compete in competitions. The band has been very competitive. The counselors at the school has such a large case load that it is almost impossible to really help the kids including myself. This is an administrative problem. The school has a great JROTC program.
I have been a student in the Sedalia School District since I was a kindergartener and I have had nothing but good history with this district. All of the teachers are eager to teach and fill us with knowledge and if they are not, the faculty takes care of the issues.
I personally only like the district because i go to Whittier if i didn't this would have bi rating the other schools in the district are horrible !!
I've learned a lot from being at Smith-Cotton. Every school has their "jocks," their "preps," their "geeks," and their "weird kids." Well, most schools. I feel like Smith-Cotton is the exception. Walking down the busy hallways day by day I've realized that my school is a place where the popular football player can be seen walking to class with the geeky math club president. The head cheerleader can be seen with the quiet girl that never speaks in class. The school really comes together as a family and the student body really cares for each other. It's truly a beautiful thing to go to a school where students and faculty alike care and love for each other as more than peers or teachers. We love each other like family and come together with pride for our school.
I have grown up in the Sedalia 200 school district. Everyone seems to complain about the school board, but does not want to assess what is directly going on around them. The level of classes is very low and assesses the majority, but does not challenge the advanced. Improvement could help tremendously if the class's levels were changed to suit different types of students.
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