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I love the community involved in the school district and how uplifting the school staff is, they really want to see you succeed in life.
The Seaside School District is full of quality community members. The faculty within the school district are compassionate and caring of students. The schools in the school district aren't the largest, but they are filled with great people. Most of the teachers are at the school are kind people who enjoy teaching which is hard to find in other schools. However, even with great people, this school district is not outstanding. The buildings are old and in poor condition, with only one of the elementary schools being in a tsunami safe zone, and there is not as much college preparedness that may be found at other schools. Teachers prepare students with coursework that is not always as rigorous, but there is little to know help in helping students with college deadlines or preparedness. This problem could be fixed by alerting students to approaching deadlines and opportunities. Overall, the Seaside School District is great, but could use many improvements in various aspects.
Even though I have only been at Seaside High School for a year, I have found it very easy to get involved in my community and make new friends. The school is not a 'looker' but, they always make the most of what they have. I always enjoy taking sciences classes at school because, they use the natural environments around us to help us conduct experiments and gain a better understanding of our ecosystems.
I moved to Oregon from California. The most striking difference in the school systems in Oregon and Seaside High School in particular are that, the expectations are set extremely low. Instead of making the students reach for the stars, mediocrity is instead praised. I know students are capable of greater things, and hope that the school improves on helping students strive for greatness.
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Seaside High School has done a great job in pushing me to be ready for college and the teachers are absolutely incredible.
I loved the teachers. Each and every single one of them. I never understood why other students didn't appreciate every teacher we had, because each one of them was there for one reason; because they cared. I learned so much, whether it be about school or about myself, all because of my teachers. However, the students I don't like. There's a lot of cyberbullying and bullying, and it can be a lot to handle. I skipped my senior year to start at community college because of it. Now, I am trying to get a public speaker to come speak this year about bullying and feminism. I am hoping this will help change the students.
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