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Being a first year graduate. I've seen all our teachers leave. None there still teaching. We had many Principle's , in which is kina weird. I didn't see my education very important, and I was within the Special Education. I know my mom had to keep going down there constantly. I don't completely give fault to our teachers, but who's ever in charge really needs to be dealt with, because I bet nothing's changed too much.... At the High School....Still no pool, still no library. Have they dealt with the mold in those portables yet? And don't forget they said something about AC in the actual classrooms. I heard they had room for them on top of the buildings, they just didn't get around to it...
good connection with parents via email about the events, changes, problems, and needs.
need some better teachers
My experience was always feeling prepared and the IB program gives you many opportunities. I was a full IB student and the academics were tough, however, the staff were extremely helpful and guided me throughout the entire process as the staff was extremely happy to help and answer any questions I had. On the other hand, school spirit could and food could be better. There are rallies and events that allow students to come together and appreciate the school, however, the school dances or school plays do not get as much support. Scotts Valley is a small town and the students in this district have known each other since they were very young and have already created bonds with each other, thus finding a group to become part of is somewhat difficult. Furthermore, there is very little diversity in the small town of Scotts Valley. However, the environment is absolutely wonderful. Everyone cares for each other and there is support for everyone.
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The school and teachers really did prepare me well for college. The IB courses were especially helpful because they were enjoyable and informative while being just the right amount of challenging. My favorites were IB English and IB Math SL despite some students' dislike of the teacher. I really liked most of the SVHS teachers aside from a few that seemed unenthusiastic to teach. Most teachers are encouraging and able to spark interest in the subjects they teach. One thing I did not enjoy was the lack of diversity not only among students but teachers as well. As part of a minority, I would have liked to be around more individuals with a background similar to mine.
I like the resources that are available to me to do my work. I enjoy the school spirit that my fellow peers demonstrate and the variety of projects that we do. I think that the schools food and sports facilities could be changed. For example, I think we should get a pool and a non-dirt track.
It isn't a perfect school, but it is very good at preparing you for college with the IB program. I would like to see less funding go towards the sports; we are supposed to be getting a new stadium but we still don't have enough classrooms.
I enjoy Scotts Valley High, my time here has been enjoyable. My fellow students are friendly and encouraging. I believe the studies here could be harder, I spend a lot of my classes watching movies, and listening to auto books rather then having a teacher actually teach us. I believe the teachers should be more engaged in class and teach us more. I feel we are not ready for college because the teachers don't seem to actually care and don't prep us for it. Other wise I had a good experience with the school.
Pretty wonderful experience at SVHS. Teachers are amazing as well as the community. Only complain is there isn't much diversity because it is a high economic place.
Friendly learning environment. I enjoyed the smaller style of high school as there was a good sense of community and thus your relationship to the teachers were better. Good relationships with the teachers allowed me to become comfortable in the classroom, and unafraid to ask questions/ consult with teachers about anything.
I like the Scotts Valley High School counselors and how they back the student one hundred percent and always doing what is in the best interest of the student.
I liked that we were extremely well prepared for college no matter where we ended up going. The IB department focused above and beyond for students wanting to pursue a bigger learning path. Even despite the lack of diversity, everyone was there for you to help you succeed
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