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While my experience with the School District of Clayton has had its high and low points, I truly believe it has set me up for the best future possible. The teachers and administration are very receptive to the needs of their students and, for the most part, do their best to make sure the students feel as though they are being listened to. The academics are challenging, but I rarely have problems asking my teachers for help. I have had some issues with the college counseling department, but it has not affected my ability to get into a school that is a great fit for me.
Going to Clayton high school has given me a lot of knowledge that I might not have been given if I went to a different or less funded public school. The school provides many resources to learn and all the departments are extraordinary, but the fact that the English teachers have literary conferences about your writing piece is really great. The only reason it isn't 5 stars is due to the small amount of sports funding. The sports funding is really low and kids who are trying to get into college through sports because they are excellent players, aren't able to get that oppurtunity
The School District is not only comprehensive, but a place where everyone will find their future. The district, as a whole, will continue it's legacy of providing a one-to-one student/teacher ratio and placing academics and it's students first.
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I have been in the Clayton School District since I was in kindergarten and my experiences have been unbelievable. From kindergarten to senior year, I have met so many helpful people that would drop anything to come help and support whatever you wanted to do. I would say the thing I loved most about the school district is that they never stop caring about your future. They based your future on reality and what was to come, never hid or lied to you about anything. Everything meant something whether it was learning math, science, English, and or history. I would love to see the same attention they gave to my classmates and me, other than that I wouldn't change my school for the world.
I was truly fortunate to have graduated from The School District of Clayton. The opportunities and resources the school provided not only greatly prepared me for college, but it also allowed for me to have an enriching experience, both in and out of the classroom, while enrolled.
Excellent district where one can receive the best education possible - need to work diligently on diversity
Clayton is as fine a public school district as you will find in the United States, top to bottom. Outstanding faculty, parental involvement, academics, sports, arts, facilities, resources. Reasonable diversity - racial, religious, academic, ethnic, economic. Caring, quality school district. High expectations, high achievement.
We have been extremely pleased with the Clayton schools. The staff and administration truly cares about each student and makes great efforts to ensure a good experience for all. In particular, the district does an excellent job of ensuring a smooth transition for students when they transition to the next school, re. elementary to middle. The process is seamless.
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