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I honestly didn't have the best experience at Scappoose High School. I had an incident in the beginning of my high school career and the administration brushed it off because of the boys status at the school. I did have a good experience in athletics. I excelled and I look up to my coach there and he is an inspiration. Most of the staff are very rude and not very flexible. Situations are handled very poorly at that school and they prompt not tolerating bullying, yet they do nothing to fix an issue when presented to them. Overall I had a very poor experience at Scappoose High School.
I like the size of the school, I've always gone to very small, low quality schools. The teachers are very helpful, the staff are very kind, and the students are ambitious and inspired.
The teachers are all super nice and the class sizes range from 25 to sometimes 30 students. The classes that are offered are not that many compared to other schools in Oregon. The funding I would say isn't very well distributed between academics, sports, or standardized testing. We don't offer uniforms but our school has no dress code that most kids do follow. The sports in our school are highly prioritized, much of our school's funding goes into it. If you wanted to play football this would be a good place to play.
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Overall, it's an average high school. Small town, little community. Definitely not much there. The resources were very limited probably because their budget is very small. the community is average for a small town. Some of the teachers are pretty great, some are okay. The sports there are pretty nice, have lots of options from track to more popular sports. The other clubs and programs are okay as well. Theater, leadership, anime club, quite a few.
Very kind staff and teachers try and help to prepare you for college and beyond. There are lots of clubs and activities that students can choose from.
My school district has been really good! As an athlete, they have always provided amazing coaches, facilities, and been extremely flexible. Our district encourages the arts, and has always had so many options. They are inclusive, respectful, caring, and truly created an awesome community.
My student has a 3.5 and does well but is not pushed or challenged to learn. I get the impression mediocre is acceptable education. Text books are not a tool used in classrooms, homework is non-exsistant. Substitute teachers are there to basically “babysit” not to work from teachers plan, and this is high school. Teacher absenteeism is constant. I ask how was your day to hear “we did nothing, I had two subs”, “ my teacher said it’s Friday and I don’t feel like teaching so you guys can have free time”. “ We had an assembly classes were too short”, or “there were too many students absent and the teacher said they didn’t want to re-teach subject again”. I’m conflicted as to how this is preparing students for college, where time management, study skills and books are all at a premium.
The school district itself is great and ive had no problems, but some of the teachers act like you aren't even their students and that they dont have to take the time to help you when you need it.
The school is to small to fit the constant increase of students. A select few of the staff members are not up to speed or teach as they should, they also do not have appropriate teacher behavior. The few good teachers make up for the bad ones. Overall it's a decent school, a lot of complaints I don't feel get addressed properly.
My school is very unique. In a small town of about 6 thousand people, the high school is about 800 kids big and a highlight of the town. The biggest accomplishment of my school was absolutely how they dealt and continue to deal with bullies. No one gets bullied, and if they do it's taken care of swiftly and completely. The school also has incredible teachers who really motivate and create bonds with students. It's a safe and fun environment to learn in. There are also a huge number of clubs and teams to join to get more involved. The kids are generally friendly and welcoming as well. However, there is not much diversity.
Scappoose is a very small town so in High School we are offered very limited classes to get us interested in our respective career goals.
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