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Sayville Union Free School District Reviews

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All of the schools Thani went through in the district were well staff and the teachers we great, very helpful and always wanted the best for the students. My experience in the schools has lead me to the next level to attend college.
Sayville was a good school district with very good academics and sports teams. It has a very good recreation facilities including an Olympic sized pool.
Don't get me wrong, Sayville has great teachers and amazing academics. However, academics isn't everything. The reliance on academics kills the students. Everything is based on politics when we're really still just children. However, in Sayville it's all about who you know and what your parents can do for someone else. Teachers/coaches/students all have a price and if you're a poor kid like me you just can't pay it.
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The Sayville school district with its friendly and professional staff and enriching academic opportunities provides all students equal opportunity for a successful future. Here students have many chances to be exposed to college ready courses making the transition into college easier. Students are asked to prove themselves academically on a regular basis. Teachers feel that using their full potential now can and will create a work ethic that can only benefit them in the long road ahead. The rigor and demand of the AP courses that many students are exposed to can set them up to what will be expected of them in college. The ultimate goal of any high school should be to pave the way for college success or any road taken by the individual for a successful future. Great Job Sayville High School!!!
Sayville Schools has a lot of opportunities available and teachers are very supportive. The Faculty and student body are very welcoming and accepting. The sports and music programs are great.
I liked that we are small and get to know everyone. I liked most of the teachers throughout the years here. I think they gave good incite to a lot of things. The sports are good here. I did track and tennis. They have a lot for students to do. I do not like the lack of diversity in this school. I don't think it is a true reflection of what the world is like and that is a disadvantage.
Sayville Schools has a high standard of education which is great for people who like to challenge themselves. There are classes ranging from electives, regents, honors, to APs. Although, many classes do not have an honors option which can be frustrating for many students. In addition, Sayville Schools is not a diverse school or community.
Some teachers do not teach anything and they give tests on subject matter they haven't thought. The amount of useless homework they do does not help matters.
Sayville is a small district offering an excellent education, a great sports department and music department.
Myself and all my siblings went there. Great school, great teachers. No need for privates school. Seems to me to be a typical upper middle class suburb school.
In Sayville UFSD the teachers really care! Whether you are a straight A student or someone who struggles, they give it everything to help each student be the best they can be. The sports programs are awesome, and there is great school spirit and if you are not an athlete the music program is amazing too… There is something for everyone.
Sayville was a great school from the guidance counselors, to the teachers, to the lunch staff, to the custodial staff. The school was all around great. However, there is not much diversity, but I guess that is just how Sayville is. The students are great, very smart and well behaved. I don't have any complaints. My experience at Sayville was positive. Every teacher that I had, got me well prepared for college and gave some inside information informing us how college would be and what to expect. There were a lot of clubs being offered and students were allowed to make their own clubs with the supervision of a teacher who agreed to volunteer. Along with sports, there was a plethora of sports that were offered to the students to stay active. The food was good. It was healthy and fresh. I always felt safe walking around the schools, there was security that would sometimes patrol the halls to keep everyone in check.
Sayville Public School district provides an amazing education for kids ages K-12. As a former student, I believe I received a quality education that I will value for the rest of my life. Amazing teachers work there and are always willing to help students both in and out of the classroom.
Throughout my experience as Sayville High School, I have made ever lasting friendships and memories. As my time at this school comes to a close, I find myself really appreciating everything it has to offer. From clubs to electives, Sayville High School has made me grow and mature into the young woman I am today. The football games bring together not just the whole school but the entire town! Sports, clubs, and academics are all mutually respected and everybody seems to get along. Teachers have left an eternal foot print on my heart. The support and motivation provided is incredible, and nobody ever feels alone here. At Sayville High School, there is no "popular" crowd and there is no "jocks", everybody's equal. Walking past people I rarely talk to and sharing a friendly smile with them is something that means the most to me. My school is one of the kindest and most safe schools anybody could attend. I could not ask for a better place to have had my education for these past few years!
Great school district for all grades whether it be the High School, Middle School or Elementary schools. The teachers care about all the students. They are always trying to help and if they have to stay later for the school day then they will. Sports are great in the school district and it just seems that everyone tries to work together.
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