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Pretty small school so you get to know everyone around you. One thing I would change is the food. Overall good experience.
What I like about saucon valley high school is that the teachers are very friendly and they teach their curriculum well, and have good school spirit. What I don’t like is how competitive the school is over grades.
I am a Junior. This school is very good with academics but definitely lacks diversity. Teachers are welcoming and will work 1 on 1 with you if you request help.
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Saucon valley high school was fun but at times it was difficult. I did like going to school there and I met amazing friends there.
Lots of teasing and bullying goes on here. Spanned 2 generations and we moved because of it! If you are white and rough around the edges, this is the school for you! Very average across the board.
Inconsistency with administration was frustrating. However they have a somewhat good variety of classes. Overall, it’s an okay school district within the Lehigh valley.
I liked that it felt like a family. The teachers and staff all cared about us, and every single teacher not just prepared us for the next step in our lives, but they also taught us valuable life lessons that I carry to this day. Don't get me wrong, it was not a super easy school district where everything is spoon fed to you. You had to study and you were responsible for how well you did. But you could really tell that they cared about your future, and that is what a school district should do. They should teach you, prepare you, and make you want to learn and Saucon Valley did all of those things.
Excellent teachers that truly care about their students. The teachers are smart and good at getting the best from students. The community is great and supportive of each other. There is not much bullying that I experienced or heard of during my time there. Most students are friendly with each other from the jocks to the bookworms and everyone in between.
Middle school was excellent, however, the high school experience for both of my children was less than expected.
I attended Saucon Valley School district from kindergarten until graduation. (I graduated in 2008). Overall I would say it is a great school district, I felt pretty well prepared for college. Working with other students in college on assignments I could see how much better I was prepared for the writing assignments we were given. In elementary school I struggled with reading and was pulled for help in first grade which made a huge difference, reading ended up being my strongest subject on the PSSA in following years. I loved my teachers almost every year of Elementary school.
I enjoy the relationships created with the staff through out of school activities and in the classroom. All of my extracurricular activities have been more than memorable. I have made so many great memories with my teammates, coaches, and parents that I will remember my whole life. I would like to see more diversity in the halls of Saucon Valley High School since my last four years have not shown any. There have been a few accounts of racial problems in this school district that I believe kick started the administration to focus more on our diversity and expand upon it.
It has a good environment and the teachers help you get to where you want to be. The school provides many opportunities to grow and prosper.
It’s a good school. The teachers are nice for the most part. The cafeteria provides a lot of options for food. The homework load can be a bit excessive some times especially if you are a slow worker.
Overall, Saucon Valley is a great school district. The teachers really care about their students as well as put in a ton of effort to help them succeed. There are also many clubs and opportunities to get involved on campus. I had plenty of chances to do service work and took a lot of fun field trips that were also very engaging and educational. Saucon Valley School District also helped me prepare for my SATs as well as the keystone state exams, which can be seen by the number of students who also do well since they are considered to be one of the top schools in the area. Overall, my experience at Saucon Valley was a great one.
Saucon Valley School District is a very wonderful school, especially for the arts program. The faculty for the music and theater department are very dedicated to their work and always strive for the young musicians and actors to become better in their work. The marching band and chamber choir especially is highly regarded within the community. The marching band compete in various competitions and took second place in 2017 at a National US Bands competition. In 2018 the chamber choir had the unique opportunity to perform at the one and only Carnegie Hall which was an incredible experience for the members including myself. As a student whom wishes to pursue a career in the music department, Saucon Valley's faculty has definitely helped develop better musicianship.
Saucon Valley School District teaches my children the academics needed. Teachers push the students to succeed. The programs available for the families are tremendous.
I came to Saucon as a freshman in high school and initially found it hard to make friends. Many of the students have been attending school in the district since preschool. After a few months, more people became open and eager to meet people outside of their small clique. Academics are great and can be challenging if you want them to be. Teachers from Saucon Valley have inspired, encouraged, and changed my life for the better. Many students do not know how lucky they are to be in such an good district, and many kids are privileged beyond belief. Football games are fun and school lunch is just above average. However, the school board will the district’s downfall if they do not get the incompetent memebers out!
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The teachers are very qualified and have been able to teach me not only the material, but better ways to study and how to improve my own work ethic. I wish the schedule were organized differently so that I could take more elective classes that appeal to my interests. Outside of academics, I got involved in many out of school activities out of the many that were offered to the student body. My high school experience was an overall positive one.
Saucon Valley provided me with a good education and there were many incredible people and teachers that I met here that I will always value, but there were also many issues. I am studying music in college currently and while the music teachers were phenomenal, the administration gave them little resources and minimal recognition. Also, there is a severe issue with diversity in the school the should be addressed. There is also little connection between the administration and the school which causes many issues.
Saucon valley was a decent school. I wasn’t at any other high schools so I have nothing to compare it to.
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