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Being able to study within this district since the second grade has been an honor and a privilege. All administrators and teachers definitely have a passion for educating the younger generations and keeping the youth safe.
I would like to see a change of administration hearing students and addressing real issues in the community and bias towards certain people. I want to see the board put in real changes in schools and not just videos on 'hard' subjects. They try to address the problems but in the wrong way and it ends up failing the student body.
I really felt that sarasota county creates a nice and welcoming environment. i felt their short comings of academics in elementary school. I did not feel challenged at all during the 4th and 5th grade. Middle school was better than elementary school, as i joined a gifted program and moved up a year in math class. I felt that even though i moved up, that i could have gone another year so that i could complete geometry during middle school. This year has been the most challenging year for me, as many of my classes try and push me.
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I have spent my student life in the Sarasota County District. I have enjoyed every minute of it. My first years were at Toledo Blade Elementary a very old but, lovable school, my other 3 schools were almost new with excellent facilities, with great teachers and good administrations. They make you feel important and planted on me the seed of education. The most important thing for me to change is the high tolerance to bullies and to students that disrespect authorities(teachers and staff), vandalize, and don't pay the consequences. The district should be more strict to actually prepare us for the real world. Another thing I would like to improve is the variety of sports offered at the middle school level. Basketball, Volleyball, track and tenis are the only choices.
Since I have moved to Sarasota County and attended High school here in Venice I have had a boost in my academics because of how the teachers are able to get across to the students in the class. I find that the teaching methods are easier to follow and the homework is easier to do because of how the material was taught.
Sarasota county has been great for all levels of my education. I wouldn't change anything. I have been involved in many clubs and sports including golf, student governemnt, and NHS. The county STEM program is also excellent with my highschool project competing in state science fair the last two years.
Sarasota County Schools gives us many opportunites to achieve our dream goals especially getting us college career ready for our future lives and future generations coming forth.
I have gone to Pune view in the Sarasota county school district for 11years now, and I am very pleased
My experience is almost over but I hope that in the years to come that my current principle stays and keeps working hard. He cares for all the students and knows most of us by name.
Kindergarten Prep now has gone beyond VPK and has added an excellent STEM program for their Kindergarten and First Graders. Their teachers go above and beyond by helping every child succeed and challenges them to further their knowledge by using hands-on science, technology, engineering and math programs. Their Kindergarten and 1st Grade, "Knowledge Is Power" gifted classes provides a great foundation for children that need a more stimulating atmosphere. I feel my child is graduating with great confidence in every aspect of her education.
advanced programs available but teachers vary in quality some are good while others are not good at all
I think Sarasota County schools is one that is adamant on their students success in college. Their teachers are trained well and their administrators are focused. I wish that the county as a whole focused more on the individual students and their mental well being, as i believe they lack the emotional support.
My name is Jayla King. I went to Booker High all four of my high school years and I've had quite a journey. I am now a senior graduating in 2019. Booker High School offers; VPA, many clubs, and a successful life. The teachers are outstanding and go out of their way to make sure the students are college and career ready. Booker High School also has high security which makes students feel safe. Sarasota County Schools are great!
I feel like certain schools are only focused on either academics or sports it is never a good even mix.
I like the diversity at my school ; Booker High School. Many kids feel out of place in some schools but I don’t feel that atmosphere at all at my school. Everybody is accepting of others ethinicities and religions! It is great to have such a welcoming atomosphere full of such complete diversity.
Grades are usually inflated. Little to no guidance from counselors or administration for college readiness. Majority of funds are put towards sports instead of teacher salaries, better facilities, or healthier lunches.
As a student who has been involved with Sarasota County Schools since grade 1, I can say it has been excellent for me. I attended Tuttle Elementary, SSA+S, and Booker High School. They’ve all prepared me and guided with me success as I continue my education. The staff are always wonderful and caring, and the food isn’t too bad although, it could be a better with a variety of different options.
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The schools in Sarasota County have taught many aspiring young adults not only simple education but how to be a person. At school, teachers give lessons that need to be learned to be able to succeed in life and valuable information that will be used later on. From my own experience, the school system has brought me to where I am today and I am very proud of who I have become, but I couldn’t have done it alone without the amazing staff and teachers that have brought me up. However, my one complaint is the food. I pack my own lunch but those who are forced to eat school lunches eat, in my opinion, poor food. I believe this could be improved if more funding went into school lunches in Sarasota county so children can be fed healthier lunches.
I’d say our county is pretty good with schools other than dress code is just to over protective. Although they never cancel school on emergency’s (other than last min) they have hired amazing teachers and staff that bring all of sarasota schools to be great in school.
Sarasota County Schools offers many opportunities to the students who attend school in their district. In my three years so far attending North Port High School, I have gotten to take a wide range of diverse classes, including those online and in a classroom. I have gotten to know many friendly and knowledgeable teachers as well as meeting well disciplined students who I've become friends with. I have had the pleasure of joining different clubs and organizations that have made my learning experience enjoyable and interesting, and I'm glad to be attending school in this district.
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