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Saranac Central School District is a very inspiring school, they helped me accomplish a lot, not only academically, but also in ways one can never fathom. Saranac has some of the most astounding teachers, they have taught me so much not only in the New York State curriculums way but also in a way with a little more diversity. They have helped me get ready for college and they have provided many after school clubs and activities for the less athletic kids. There athletics program is one to be very proud of they have taught the key in life is teamwork and respect for the ones in charge, but they also have taught us to question things if we cant comprehend what we know. Saranac has many great clubs for those who like to be more artistic, like art club and baking club. there is a club for everything you can think of minus Rugby. I feel that Saranac would be a lot more interesting if we had a little more kids more willing to participate in things.
I liked that Saranac was a relatively small school, which makes it easier to learn. The facilities are old and some of them need to be replaced.
Saranac High School has a smaller student body of about 400 students. Despite the size, there are still a variety of clubs and sports to join such as Key club, outdoor club, art club, and drama club. The staff at Saranac is great as well. I have felt that most of them care about their students and show a willingness to adapt. The teachers are not afraid to support student activity, as I see many of them at concerts and sporting events. One thing I wish Saranac had was more AP and advanced classes that would elevate student resume's when applying to college.
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Great environment with energetic teachers!! Sports were always a main focus for me and most students! It was a welcoming environment with smiling faces always around!
Faculty and staff are amazing!! Teachers are more than willing to help you with anything, academic or not. This school provides many opportunites to give back to the community!
Saranac High School had amazing teachers who would connect with students, and help them with all they could. The school was a very rural and there were many people interested in hunting and fishing, and the typical redneck traits. There was also a huge focus on doing well in classes, both by students, and teachers. The administration tended to mistreat some of their staff. There wasn't much diversity in clubs or available classes. the main population of the school were Caucasian people.
I would like them to make upgrades to the school and adapt to the changing times. All of the schools around us have free lunches and we do not. Most schools around us also have chrome books and this school has about 30 laptops that are shared around the school when people need to use a computer in class. The bathrooms need to be redone, and some of the classrooms need to also be redone. The extra-curricular activities are underfunded and most of them have to fundraise their own money for new uniforms and to go away to away games.
Has a handful of good teachers who care about their job, but overall the teachers are mediocre. Little variety in educational opportunities and limited APs. Student body is very cliquey. The apathy and lack of involvement in students is unfortunate, and the trend is only getting worse.
I loved how most of the teachers would go out of their way to help you! I think what could be improved is the heating and cooling systems in the school districts.
Saranac Centeal School district is a close knit family school with roots and wings. They are a Forward moving district!

A smaller community that was not only my edicational beginning, but my childs as well!
For the most part, I have enjoyed attending Saranac High School. The teachers really care about giving us an education, not just the knowledge to pass a test. Class sizes are fairly average, so I have enjoyed having a relationship with my teachers. I would like to see the food improve. I find it expensive for the quality and amount of food we get.
A great school with faculty and staff who care about every student. The extracurricular programs are excellent and student involvement is very high.
I would like to see the environment change. It seems like the teachers are out to get you in ways. I also would like to see the teachers respect students more. I hated attending class and feeling like I was looked down upon. I do like the interesting electives Saranac has to offer. I’m currently taking a “Holocaust” elective and it’s very informative and Interesting.
Saranac is a pretty average school. You get what you need. We do have some pretty great people in the guidance office.
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