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Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District Reviews

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I have enjoyed growing up in the SMMUSD throughout my entire education. The friends I have made have lasted since kindergarten and I trust as we part our ways we will continue to stay in touch. The teachers I had in fourth and fifth grade still congratulate me on my accomplishes. This district is the best for any type of student.
My overall experience with SMMUSD has been amazing. All the teachers and staff work together to help all the children. Everyone is involved in a child's education.
It is a very including school where they always put their students first. It is extremely diverse, and has diverse opportunities for their students.
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The teachers are extremely caring and really good, but the school district lacks funding in many departments, school girls' bathrooms don't have locks, pep rallies are extremely expensive but they have good options for classes
I have absolutely loved my time at Santa Monica High school. There is an incredible amount of resources to contribute to your education in and out of the classroom.
Teachers were inspiring. District music program is top of the line. Student resources are easily available, though communication could be better. Academics were challenging and engaging, students have the opportunity to guide some class learning through moderated input. Class sizes were manageable and discipline in class is fair.
SMMUSD is a great district. It provides so many opportunities for students whether they be in sports, music, clubs, etc.
I went to smmusd schools up until high school and loved every minute of it. This school district has an amazing education program for all students whether or not they need a little extra help.
I moved in the middle of my junior year to samohi and that year was amazing. My teachers were excellent, I had a 4.0, and I had amazing friends. Senior year was good as well, but I wish the school was more spirited. I’ve been to 3 high schools and this is the least spirited school I’ve ever been too. During dress up days I wanted to dress up but knew I would be the odd one out if I were to dress. Also not a lot of information is transmitted well around the school. We had one person over the loud speaker talking but no one would listen. At my other high schools we would have videos that students would make regarding things going around school, activities, important dates, and dress up days, all the fun stuff. People would actually watch the videos because they were entertaining and know what was going on around school, unlike samohi. This school needs more to it.
Super excellent and fantastic for student, I like the college for me.
I things every person is satisfactory.
The Santa Monica- Malibu District is really great. The schools have very good teachers and academics. The diversity and sense of community is wonderful. I really enjoy it and I feel like I’ve taken in a lot of valuable information that I can use for the rest of my life.
We have been at John Muir for the past 5 years and LOVE it! It is a beautiful, small community oriented school with wonderful teachers, small class sizes on a lovely campus (it even has a butterfly garden) . The diversity is fantastic, with families from at least 8 different countries attending the school. PTA is strong and develops lots of activities for kids and parents to participate in from after school STEM classes, to free movie nights, to cultural activities and an annual Community Pancake Breakfast.
Santa Monica High School is your typical high school experience. You have an amazing community with many diverse pockets of people, an excellent sports program, extensive music and arts program, and many caring and sacrificial teachers.
It was a great experience because I felt like I had a lot of opportunities and support within the community. My sisters didn't have the same experience at their high schools and I am thankful for having gone here. I do wish more opportunities for tutoring were available.
This is a great district. It’s very diverse and they are good with their academics. I feel safe here and I’m always ready to learn. The students, staff and parents are really involved.
SMMUSD has great teachers. I loved my elementary school and my middle school was well, middle school. High school has been very good. There are plenty of opportunities for all learners. We have lots of APs, clubs, and sports.
For a public school district, I was given opportunities that are often only given in private schools
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The Santa Monica unified school district has been life changing for me because they have offered me a lot of new opportunities that I would have never gotten in the LAUSD district. They try to be the most helpful and are there in case you need anything. Faculty are very nice and make you feel welcomed.
The SMMUSD school district is very good. The schools are accommodating to the students needs, and the improvement on old school buildings is something essential and I am glad it is being done. As a student at Santa Monica high school, however, I can say that it isn’t the best public school in the area. The bathrooms are not kept clean and some if the teachers are unhelpful and do not provide any support to their students what-so-ever.
Pretty good school. Many of the teachers really care about you and want to see you succeed, but of course there will always be those other teachers that are just there to get a check. The school spirit is kind of low but that makes it funny. There's lots of clubs so there will always be something for everyone!
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