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As a soon to be Junior at Righetti, I have noticed many good things despite what people may say. We are a very diverse school that makes sure people fit in and, in my experience, get as much help as they need. I have had no personal problem with any of my teachers that I have had so far and if there was a problem academically, they would make sure to help me with it. Some things that I would like to see change would be the amount of motivation people have in their classes. I know the counselors do their best to help out students, but sometimes it is the teacher that may need to help out too with one particular student. I have seen a certain teacher do this, and he has an incredible reputation for being a very good, trusting teacher, willing to listen to you and give you words of advice in any situation you might throw at him.
I would like to see teacher parent communication improvement. More security and teacher student involvement.
It’s a good place I like very much Santa Maria high school is a good school To go to everyone nice there are some teachers that are mean but it’s ok there FFA is amazing and there BSU is good to.
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From what I experienced in Santa Maria High School I'd say that overall the school is really good. What I say makes the school good is the amount of support that students receive from the staff especially the counselors and the teachers. I think that the school has great opportunities for students who want to attend college, the school has many doorways such as clubs, sports as well as rigorous courses for preparing for college. However I do believe that all these things are something that the students must seek themselves in order to find. Also, all students need more equal encouragement to peruse higher education because sometimes this encouragement is more biased and focused on the higher ranking students, which I don't find fair. The school has a lot of potential but sometimes the administration doesn't have faith in students. The school could also do a better job in making every student feel comfortable, because I feel there isn't really a sense of unity with all the students.
I would love to see more rallies and activities for all the students to have fun together, and more opportunities for dance clubs and other clubs to be able to show off their skills.
My experience in this high school district for the past 4 years was amazing. All the staff tried their hardest for us to excel at everything we do. What id change is more rallies to bring everyone together from freshman’s to seniors to all the staff.
My experience in this district was nice. At first I didn’t really know anything about our principal but other the years she really proved that she cares about her students. Amidst the school closure she reassured my senior class that we will get a ceremony for all our hard work which was really great to hear.
It is pretty good, even though I have gone to Ernest Righetti High School for only a couple months. Everybody is pretty nice. If you don't want to get in trouble, then just don't fall into the wrong crowd. We do have fights sometimes, and those are a little scary. However, the teachers are very supportive and passionate about their teaching. Meeting new people was probably the best part of going here, and now I realized that I took it for granted because now we are stuck in quarantine.
I generally liked my experience at Righetti. I ended up getting into my dream college and got where I needed to be. I feel my experience at Righetti was a success I ended making friends who I still keep in contact with and am sure I will still continue to do so for a very long time. I do agree that the teachers are a mixed bag at Righetti some are awesome, some not so much. However, that is everywhere. Also, the school’s EAOP program is awesome and did a lot for me. Righetti for sure has some things to work on, but it is a decent school. I think your experience at Righetti will be up to you wether you put in the effort to have a good experience.
I have made great friends. A very small community with people of diversity. There are only 3 high school that are public in the town only one catholic private high school.
my personal experience within the High school district is an okay situation, I feel like we do have some opportunities to do things as you do adults. High school is a hard thing because you are still trying to find your group of people and we do have good teachers here at Ernest Righetti so they are able to help us and guide us throughout our 4 years being here. Sports within the district is amazing, there are a lot of athletes in the area and there’s always great competition. I feel like our facilities should be improved but i know those type of things cost a lot of money but our money mostly goes to our academics with books and stuff like that.
I like the school culture and the amount of friendly people there are. I think the faculty could be better but overall it's a good school.
SMJUHSD is a pretty ok school district. From my experience at Righetti, I can definitely say there are some highs and lows. The college and career center was an amazing resource to many students who were ill-equiped for college and life beyond high school
Already maintaining a good diverse environment, SMJUHSD is a great place to expand one's involvement in academic and extracurricular activities. However, with being a motivating and well rounded learning environment, the resources and educating students on education past High School could be improved. If I personally didn't ask my peers in AVID or AVID instructors, with not being an AVID member, I would have never known how or where to start with college applications and scholarships. This could definitely be improved on the facilities part.
The teachers working in this school district are kind, helpful, and truly work to help their students learn.
I am currently a senior at Pioneer Valley High School. I have attend Pioneer Valley since I was a freshman. I would say that my overall experience has been good since it is the school is newer compared to others in the district. We’ve been provided with new tablets to work on during the duration of our time at PV. These tablets are useful for that who do not have the money to afford them, and the fact that the school is able to provide them just lists another valuable resource that our school is equip with.
The teachers and most of the staff are overall great. They always find ways to help their students. Something that I believe should change is for students to be able to speak up and let themselves be heard and not fear for the consequences they may face from the main administration.
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In the Santa Maria Joint Union School district, the schools are great and they do the job but I do not believe that they go above and beyond like other schools. There are some teachers that do and others that don’t put in effort.
The district is really good however I would like to see more home game for my highschool so that everyone has more chances to get involved and have fun
I would like to see more parent involvement and the teachers actually care about the students and not because their siblings were a legacy that they should only pay attention to the other students.
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