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Santa Fe Independent School District Reviews

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There is a lot Santa Fe should change about their school district. It's a great community but the school is bot very competitive at a sports or academic level.
Overall very good experience for me. Would do a few things differently. Would have gone the dual credit route instead of AP route. Big mistake for me.
Overall, not a lot of motivation within the student body for college readiness and academic success as well as a lack of diversity. Pretty average.
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Santa Fe Independent School District is about as bad as any school could be. The teachers do not teach . The students do not care about academics in the slightest. If you have any opportunity to go to a different school, please do so.
It is a very connected School where you have a strong relationship with the students and the staff working there. After the shooting that had happened in 2018 at our school, i feel like they have done nothing but to help everyone make a full recovery
I like how i’m greeted by the smiling staff every morning, the way the teachers always reassure students, i’d say the school is a very good place to receive education.
After the tragedies we have faced in the past our school has made many changes, although all in the wrong places. Their solutions have been more focused towards pleasing the parents and the media, rather than the students. Their intentions to make our school “more safe” has mainly created uncomfortable students with high anxiety. They became more strict on our teachers, to a point where many of them left the school district. This is leaving us as students with no adults that we truly trust, and taking away the last teachers who still bring joy to our school.
If you’re taking AP classes, you will have teachers that care about your learning. However, the majority of regular teachers and administration don’t care enough about the students needs.
Although my school had the shooting in may, the school has done alot for us students to be happy and im very greatful for it.
I like that they are finally making the students top priority instead of it feeling like all they care about is getting money. I can finally say the teachers seem to care a lot more about us then they ever did in the past and I appreciate that a lot. It makes the school day a lot easier when instead of teachers noticing that your upset An brushing it off they finally ask you what’s wrong.
I liked the small town feel or Santa Fe. Everyone in the school is close to each other and knows each other making it feel like a closely woven community. If I could change anything, it would be the safety measurements that are enforcered. As many know, Santa Fe was the most recent victim of a senseless act of violence, a school shooting. I don’t think making the school seem like a prison helps any student succeed. I feel that there has to be a way to force saftey rules without doing this.
I grew up in Santa Fe. Every school year was better than the previous. Although I was not found of a few of my classmates and teachers, the friends I made and the clubs I was in overpowered those feelings.
It’s been a crazy experience for my senior year, we have gone through some terrifying events that no one should have to go through. These events however won’t define who we are. I’ve had the best four years of my life going to this school and all this whole year has taught me is that life brings you obstacles and it’s up to you on how your going to handle it. You can just give up, but then you will be left with those emotions on your shoulders, so keep your head up and move on to conquer all your goals
everyone cares about everyone here. this is a great school district. i felt prepared when i started college, and they have many opportunities for growth as a student and to prepare for college
there’s a wide variety of classes that have to do with career fields that you may be interested. Some of these clusters involve a branch where you can graduate highschool with an associates degree.
I like that Santa Fe has a conservative staff and a clean school. It is a safe environment with lots of opportunities for students such as AP classes. Santa Fe also offers Dual Credit as well. I do not like the lack of freedom given by the school though. They do not let us leave during lunch and we have a pointless Advisory class which does not let us travel to the classes we actually need help with save two or maybe three days out of the week. Overall, Santa Fe is an average small town school.
The school I attend is known as racist because the majority of the students are white, and because there are horses we are known as country folks. Yes, there are tractor riders on the highway and there is racism, but racism is everywhere. The teachers I have had have not been the best, but some of the students they have do not treat them the best either. I still support that teachers should be payed more, while I wonder about some and how they still have a job. We do not have the best at everything, but peoples mindset and view of their own school is what is the worst.
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In my years here at Santa Fe, I have had many different experiences both good and bad. Although I have had more good than bad, many bad things continue to happen in this school, including the amount of fights that happen throughout the school day. Not only the fights but there have been 4 student teacher relationships over the past 3 years. I have not experienced any bad teachers that do not do their job but I have heard of a few here and there. All in all I cannot complain about my experience but there are many who would differ with me.
What I like about being at Santa Fe is how friendly teachers are and how they are here for you and want to help you. Something I think that should be fixed is how the cafeteria is so crowded during a lunch I think next year there should be one more lunch so there is more seating available to kids and less people roaming around the hallways.
Some of the teachers in my school honestly don’t really try. Surprisingly, classes are over crowded. There are fights and threats but the school administrators don’t bat an eye.
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