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Santa Cruz Valley Unified School District Reviews

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My experience at this district has been positive. I can say that the 12 years in this district has positively impacted me. Teachers are always eager to teach and give love and care to each one of their students. Staff and administrators are always trying to find ways to implement new extra-curricular activities to help students for their future! Overall I can 100% say that the Santa Cruz district has changed my life for the better!
Santa Cruz Valley Unified School District is a very welcoming and friendly district. There is a wonderful community culture and parent involvement. Teachers and staff do their best to provide quality education and a safe environment for students.
I did not feel prepared enough for when I began college and felt little to no direction from my councelors. Everyone did the best they could under the circumstances of only having three councilors, not having enough teachers, being a Title l school, as well as many other considerations. Overall I had a great time during my career as a student in this district (Pre-K- 12).
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The atmosphere is really calm and everyone knows everyone. It’s a good place to settle down and really take school seriously, there are good after school programs to tutor teens who have struggled with classes. The teachers can be really helpful if you ask them, and fellow students can also be a great help. All in all this school district is kept well organized and is a good place to get an education.
This district is very good has very good techers that are always available, the administration is always protecting everyone and making sure we have a good time in the school
My experience at SCVUHS has been great so far, the athletics are great so are the teachers. The school has some outrageous rules about what color laces you can wear or what kind of sweaters you can wear.
An overall rating for Santa Cruz is that they really care about their students. They really want to see everyone succeed.
Santa Cruz Valley School District was a great experience.The students and the Teachers were great.Although the facilities could have used some remodeling and the food can use some changing but overall the District and its schools were great.
this district can not seem to hold down any teachers, can not find someone to fit a teaching position at all. very few staff even care about what they may be "teaching" with worksheets
SCVUSD was a mess. When I was a student there, there was a clear lack of planning from administration. Students got little to no guidance on how to get scholarships, applying for college, and other crucial topics for their age group.
Also, their schools have a mostly Hispanic population. Faculty could not quite communicate with parents who did not speak English, and parents were not encouraged to come meet faculty
My experience within this school distract was overall a great one. The teachers and staff do everything they can to keep each and every student safe. Help was also there whenever needed. However, I did wish there was more classes to choose from at the high school.
There are two A+ schools in the school district and they're working hard to make every school A+. I was part of the Class of 2017 in Rio Rico High School and I loved being part of this district.
My experience with this school district is that I have been in it for most of academic years and it's really great not such a big area but it has great people that want to help u succeed in your future. What I would like to see change is better athletic department to get better coaches and staff.
The SCVUSD #35 education system hasn't always been the greatest public education system, however, I do feel that my tenure here has prepared me for college and life outside of this community.
The teachers and staff that work Santa Cruz district are amazing and lovely people. The school around Santa Cruz district are safe and are great. But the Santa Cruz district can be little weak, because sometimes the district doesn't have a schedule. But overall, I'm a senior in RRHS in Santa Cruz district, and the district is great.
As a current high school senior, I have seen the district and how much it has grown over the course of a few years. Santa Cruz Valley School District #35 is a place of leadership and dedication to its students. However, due to lack of finances, I feel that the district is not reaching its full potential.
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