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Academics have been watered down. They don’t offer algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus. They offer math compaction which lightly touches on each. It’s a watered down form of math when real math is too hard for most kids who don’t want to put in the time. In English, they don’t do enough writing and essays. Also, special education is always understaffed. However, the district is diverse and good socially.
Everyone is encouraged to do their best, and no one is left behind. I’m appreciative of the district’s partnership with SBCC, because the course work in the high schools’ classes aren’t rigorous enough for some. The AP classes are more memorization than application, which I acknowledge is independent of the SB Unified School District.
I like the way the understand us as students and try to help us succeed in life. I feel like the district truly cares about there students and there education. They are always trying to do the best for us. The staff is polite and the environment is safe.
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I liked the diversity within the school districts and the diverse extracurricular opportunities provided on each campus. I would like to see more done to ensure all students are given school materials but other than that I think Santa Barbara is lucky!
I enjoyed my time with this school district. I didn't see much diversity, but that doesn't mean I didn't feel that I had unlimited resources because I was a minority. One thing I really enjoyed was being involved with a engineering academy, theatre, arts, and sports, glad they were able to offer so many classes. One thing I was less than satisfied on was the fact I personally was given attitude from a administrative member because I refused to take a standardized test exam. Other than that I feel as though I was given equal chance as anyone, and I really made sure I was using every opportunity I could. And my high school offered a lot. Some to name that I really enjoyed was dual enrollment.
We have a fairly capable school district, however, there are definite areas where it is lacking in regards to accessibility, communication, and equity within Santa Barbara schools.
Everyone of very inclusive and the schools help all their students thrive. I enjoy my time at Santa Barbara High School. I have great teachers and the school if very good about informing the students about important opportunities.
The Santa Barbara Unified School District has been a good district over the years that I have been in. It has its ups and downs with the diversity with the students inside the schools, but overall it has been ok.
It just needs a bit of improvement overall, but I’ve been in the district schools in 7th grade and the teachers and staff are all so amazing. My junior high and high school experiences have been so amazing already that I can’t wait to see what else comes in the future. They have taught me so much including so many life skills.
It's a very welcoming community. I always felt that throughout my time as a student here whether that be elementary, junior high or so far in high school I have been safe and secure in my beliefs and not adored of expressing. The schools are very accepting and members of all communities safe treated fairly and with kindness and respect
I have had a great high school experience. San Marcos is definitely the best academic high school out of the public schools in Santa Barbara (SBHS and DPHS). However there was a lot of issues with the administration and false lock downs, San Marcos and the Santa Barbara Unified community is great!
The schools under the SB Unified School District are diverse and full of spirit, and they prepare their students for college and life beyond it. The teachers and administration are dedicated and supportive, and wish to see their students succeed. There are many teams, academies, clubs, and activities that students can be involved in on all campuses.
The Santa Barbara unified school district is filled with many great teachers. I have been attending schools in the Sant Barbara School district for all of my school years.
Great are with teachers who care. SBU treats all students with equal opportunity. Funding is strong, enabling exciting opportunities for students and a variety of course choices for high school students. Campus are clean and safe, where all students can learn and enjoy themselves on school grounds.
It is very hard to get ahold of the correct staff when there is an issue, and when it is addressed, not much is done to fix the problem. The Santa Barbara High teachers are also not very good at teaching new concepts to the class (as a whole), and are making the students teach themselves, in a way. I have found that the Santa Barbara Junior High teachers were much better.
Great school with supportive teachers. Athletics are top notch in the district. the school is getting some much needed updates. The new football field and beach volleyball courts are a few of the new upgrades. Classrooms can get hot in the early months of fall. Some air conditioning would be nice. The administration at Dos Pueblos seems to care about the students. They offer many resource classes to help students with writing and math. The counseling department is very helpful. Most of the classes are organized and well run. There some departments that could use some better qualified teachers. Overall my experience was great in the district. I would not want to go to school anywhere else.
I really love Santa Barbara Unified School District. I feel welcomed and important and I am provided with many opportunities and resources to succeed. The staff is amazing and cares about each student. When I go to school, I feel a positive energy which makes me want to be there and try my best.
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They provide free meals to everyone 18 years old and under. Strong sense of community within all schools in the district. Staff is incredibly helpful and do their best to accommodate everyone's needs especially children.
My time in the Santa Barbara Unified School District has been formative and paramount to who I am as an individual.
Overall, every school that is apart of the Santa Barbara School district is very diverse. There are a lot of opportunities for everyone. Everyone had a place. However, something I would like to see change is the communication between the district and the students. There were many instances in which the student body had no say in some decisions that were made.
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