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The faculty is promising and so are the classes provided. Most students attending would agree while others may find it a bit challenging. Although that is the case, its rigorous subjects intend to prepare us for the real world once students graduate.
Sanger High School is the underdog within the Fresno county system of schools. However, there are more than what is labeled. Sanger provides pathways that allow students for dual-enrollment and allows students to have college experience. Students are able to be ready and prepared for college through these provided pathways. The teachers here are either a hit or a miss. There are some teachers that are mediocre or terrible and there are some who rise as great teachers that helps students beyond the classroom. Sanger has a small and warm community where everyone knows everyone; however, closeness is what brings people together. Sanger ensures a safe and appropriate environment for students' education.
What I like about the high school is the different types of classes we can take the amount of help when needed it really great. There are a few things that I would want it to change. One is the food it has no flavor it is frozen then heated to serve. I would like to have a freshly made meal as well as to have more flavor. Other wise it would be perfect.
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The thing I enjoyed most about Sanger High school was the staff. The staff was very caring and made sure students were doing their best. The only thing I'd change about Sanger is there rules. Some of their rules make no sense and should be adjusted.
I attended Sanger Unified school district since preschool all the way up until graduation. The teachers are amazing and are very devoted in ones success. Entering high school the community was very united and made me feel welcomed. Sanger High school provides ap and honor courses that help students get ahead. In addition to the courses there are also pathways dedicated to making the navigation of which classes to take easier.
Overall Sanger High is a very good school. It teaches you everything you need to know academic wise and prepares you for your future. The school offers many AP and honor classes as well as encouraging students to advance in there education. Not to mention the countless clubs and sports available to all students. The campus is a really friendly environment not only from your fellow students but the faculty as well. Besides the food and questionable dress code they just installed, the school is without a doubt one of the best in the area.
Not really the best school, academics are a little behind. The classes are too big and teachers don’t explain the topic well do to the amount of students in each class. Most kids seem to be very depressed.
They have the best teachers. There are Many options and opportunities for students to explore connections to college and career. Love that parents support Sanger schools
I have been going to Sanger for about 5 years. My experience was great. Sanger schools have great academics, awesome sports teams, a lot of diversity, and many events. The schools are all safe and a bully free zone. I would recommend Sanger schools over any other school.
Average school district, not very healthy food for students. School policies are either not enforced or not nessecary. Good opportunities but nit enough for all students. District needs more pathways other than medical , robotics and medical pathways. Also needs more clubs to be created to interest students.
Sanger is a very good high school that offer a lot of help and a lot of clubs for student to try. Sanger also have security guard who goes around the school periodically to see if anything goes wrong. Sanger high school teacher are also reliable and responsible on helping student. They are willing to help you until you understand something without worrying about how long it’s takes. Also the councilor will work with you and help you out if your struggling making student feel secure and comfortable knowing that if they are struggling they can come to their councilor. They school sport is also very fun and interesting to join because the coaches teaches life lesson to the sport while helping the players get bettter. We also can’t forget the mad support the team get from the town with its support. Overall Sanger high school is a good school with a good and positive community that support each other and push each other.
Sanger is overall a good school. The staff is pretty nice. However, there isn’t any focus on stopping bullying or other related behaviors. Furthermore, some of the staff can be rude and the food is not very appetizing.
This school district is honestly amazing because they have such a diverse group of kids at the schools and clubs for them they have Polynesian dancing black student union Native American clubs and much more which is why people feel so comfortable going to Sanger schools
I highly enjoyed my experience at Sanger High School. It prepared me for college, and supported me in everything I ventured out to accomplish.
This was the best experience of my life, I really love this place, I learn a lot from this School and I feel great to say what I am Apache , APACHEEE PROUDDDDD!!!!
Sanger Unified, academically speaking, it top notch! The teachers are great, care about their students and work hard to ensure success. However, the campus environment is not always safe and secure especially the High School. I would like Sanger to focus on making all students feel valued, important and understood not just the athletes and ASB students.
Sanger High school district is by far a one of the greatest schools. I've been involved in club's and sports and I am able to be caught up on my grades. I would like to see the lunch schedules change because of the crowds on campus.
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Sanger high school does not push the necessity for the need of a good college education. Many students here do not have the resources or knowledge in knowing how to even apply. I figured out college applications mostly myself.
Honestly this is a great school. I learned so much in different ways and it is fun too. I feel like they could do better to help students sign up for SATs and ACTs but other than that I love the school
Sanger Unified School District is an amazing school district. Coming from Clovis Unified, it was a big change for me. However, the transition was smooth. The teachers are amazing and instantly make you feel like you are apart of the classroom. The diversity in Sanger Unified is also what makes it unique. Hispanics, Asians, White, Black, and so many more races and ethnicities form the district. This gave me a wide array of people that I now call my colleagues and friends. The academics at Sanger Unified are second to none. The classes that they offer at the high school are awesome and they also offer two career pathways. One of which I am enrolled in which is the Project Lead The Way Engineering Pathway. I couldn't be happier with the education, community, and memories that I have made in Sanger Unified School District.
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