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San Ramon Valley Unified School District Reviews

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Cal high is a chill school. Most teachers are reasonable and helpful. Students are very diverse, most care about grades and strive to do (somewhat) well. Everyone is worried about college acceptance so many extracurriculars are available . District is pretty broke. Teachers underpaid. Security is pretty weak. Nice campus.
I feel like often times I find myself complaining about the rigors of going to Dougherty Valley High School within the San Ramon Valley Unified School District. (As of this date 9/14/10 this is the HS I attend therefore my review of SRVUSD will be solely based on my experience there) My biggest complaint and most student's biggest complaint is the overly competitive culture that seems to grow every year. I typically find myself at the top of my class where liberal arts are concerned I struggled to keep up with the extraordinary STEM knowledge and skill as well as the incredible work ethic most students at this school display. All students procrastinate every once in a while but If you regularly do so or can't control your laziness you will QUICKLY find yourself overwhelmed at Dougherty as I did. Dougherty will teach you discipline, perseverance and a desire to constantly improve as it did me.
I liked that the teachers we open and knew what they were talking about. I hope to see more diversity though. I think there were like six other Latina students with me in that entire school, it felt lonely.
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In the San Ramon Valley Unified School District, most of the schools are very well maintained and the campuses are very nice. However, there are a few schools in which diversity is not present. For example, Dougherty Valley High School has a School population in which the majority is Asian, while in San Ramon Valley High School, the majority of the school population is white. I would like to see a more culturally diverse school environment in which people from different ethnic and cultural background can come together to better understand each other and prepare us for interactions with different people in the real world.
SRVUSD is a schooling district in the Bay Area. It makes use of many learning opportunities and works hard to further education for its students. Along with providing many opportunities, parent involvement has been a big factor in its success. A lot of parents in this area care deeply for their child's education and are thoroughly involved in enhancing learning opportunities. The schools are well maintained and those who get to learn in such a wonderful environment are truly blessed.
This school district has pretty good facilities as they just recently built a brand new massive building at the San Ramon Valley High School to house a majority of their school's classrooms. The school district also has pretty good academics as well as a pretty good athletic program. Parental involvement is quite high and the school culture is exceptionally good. The diversity in the district is average at best. The one major issue within the district is that the food options and quality is quite poor.
San Ramon is a very diverse community in which I felt welcomed as a minority. The schools in this district have prepared me for college and has been a safe environment throughout my school years in the district. They are very helpful in being there for the students. As I entered high school I put in a transfer to attend dougherty valley, and the district was able to help me complete all of the requirements for the transfer. One thing I would like to see hanged is that they accept students that are not part of the district and are looking to attend a school in the district. Many people are not as fortunate to have a good district system, and they are looking to transfer schools. it would make the district stronger as a whole if they accepted students who do not live in the assigned areas.
I had a great experience in this school district. I transferred in to this district in 3rd grade and I was able to connect well with my peers as soon as I arrived. Teachers normally really care about you and your success. Admin was strict but they made you feel very safe. I never felt threatened on campus. In High School it was challenging and I struggled with academics but in turn I was very well prepared for college
You will receive a very good foundation for your education however the school district itself is very scared of angry parents so they bend very easily but I don't have anything to complain about
Its an amazing school providing an amazing education. This San Ramon Unified school district providing an amazing education to all its students. Dougherty Valley high especially with its highly competitive school environment.
As a new student to the San Ramon district, I really appreciated the kindness and support that some teachers and staff offer to the students. I also love how clean and beautiful the schools are.
I loved my time in the San Ramon Valley Unified School District. The schools within the district provided me with many opportunities to succeed and grow as a person not just a student. These schools also have been able to challenge me constantly and properly prepare me for college. As a result, I am not scared to go to college
I enjoyed the academic opportunities available. The only part I would change would be for the schools to focus less on sports and more on academics.
Being a new incoming senior at Dougherty Valley High School in the San Ramon Valley School District, I was intimidated by the idea of change on my last year. However, the district has made my transition very smoothly and have been very helpful in creating a great work and goal achieving environment.
I like the different clubs and how open SRVUSD is. Somethings I would like to see change is teachers, especially in the math department.
This school district is fairly new and very heavily based on academics, specifically Dougherty Valley high school. Sports and clubs are offered, but many of the students are academic driven and focus more on the academic aspect of the school rather than extracurriculars. The schools are very new and offer the students with the best education.
I enjoy SRVUSD as it has prepared me for college since day one. While it may not provide as many resources or parent involvement as other districts, public school education doesn’t get much better than SRVUSD.
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My experience was amazing. The education was just at the right pace to make it challenging but fun. I was really able to push myself and take the classes I want to help me become better educated in the field I want. All the teachers are so nice and helpful. They make sure their students have the best education and are safe in their classrooms. They are also always willing to help out and answer any questions they have on the current topics. All the students are also very nice and are willing to help out their fellow classmates. Overall, the sports and clubs are great experiences for people of all kind and they make sure all students are included and have some kind of club that would be fun for all.
I attended Venture High school for my 3 years as a high schooler. I attended an independent study school due to my professional dancing career at the time.They pushed me to graduate early and made me very prepared for college!
I like the focus on competition and opportunities that allows students to strive for excellence. I do however think administration is extremely unfair, unreasonable, and inefficient. A lot of things they do has no justification even after student protests at board meetings, and they seem more concerned about the revenue they get daily than students safety or satisfaction with the schools.
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