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San Ramon Valley Unified School District Reviews

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The SRVUSD school district is an excellent district. The teachers, administrators, and the Scholl board work very hard to ensure proper education and safety per student.
At SRVUSD, teachers and administration work together to create an environment where all students of all backgrounds feel welcomed and accepted. They do their absolute best to equip students with the resources they need to succeed and be ready for college.
Great education, great teachers, the facilities are amazing, there are a lot of sports and clubs that students can interact at.
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I like this school district because it focuses very strongly on academics. It provides resources for students to achieve their goals and reach their potential and it does not hold students back. There is also a very significant culture of competitiveness which is a curse as well as a blessing, but I see it as a way to motivate and challenge myself among other successful people. The athletics are top notch and promote the pursuit of collegiate participation. The reason I gave SRVUSD four stars was because of its lack of mental health resources. The competitive culture can be toxic at times and there are not many support resources to help students stay balanced and decrease anxiety or depression.
The district is excellent in terms of education, but has a lot of nasty politics going on. We recently found out that the administrators have been giving themselves raises behind closed doors, while cutting millions of dollars from the schools' budgets. Additionally, my school has a very racist undertone, especially as a POC.
Some teachers don’t know how to teach, but for the most part, the teaching is pretty great. The school spirit is amazing, and there is a lot of pride at SRV. Compared to other schools, the people that go here are pretty nice and well-rounded; maybe a little spoiled, but kind.
A very diverse campus that provides the necessary tools for students to succeed in college! The only issue is that the facilities are kind of old and administration has been kind of iffy for the past couple years.
I get much better education here than I did at my previous school district. There are many ways I can get help if I need it, and I know that many of my teachers care about me and my well-being.
I loved it at SRVHS! the athletics and the social aspect made my four years of high school that much better
In the San Ramon Valley Unified School district I liked seeing the teacher involvement and investment in students' success and the resources parents and the community devote to the schools' success.
Pretty good school district in general, but the competition is cutthroat and the students are very competitive. It can create lots of pressure for students, especially high schoolers and even middle schoolers. However, the resources are available and the teachers are generally good.
I loved the culture created at my high school in the San Ramon Valley Unified School District. After graduating from San Ramon Valley high school and arriving to college in Fall 2016, I felt like I was significantly more ready for the coursework than many of my fellow students. This is a testament to my High School's dedication to preparing their students for a higher education. The only area that this district and my school could significantly improve is regarding the diversity of students and faculty. I believe that college can be more eye-opening for SRVUSD students due to the fact that our district is not very diverse.
Although there are some teachers that do care, the lack of initiative from admin all the way up to the superintendent is extremely poor. Was not happy with any part of my experience with dealing with administrative portion.
I thought that San Ramon Valley Unified School District was good. It gave me many opportunities to grow and become who I am today, but when it came down to teachers, there was only one or two good teachers per subject while the rest were, at best, mediocre.
The math department of teachers could use some help. Students need to feel supported and motivated in order to pass their classes. Schools should offer more available times for taking 1-4 classes
I love the tight community and the likeness of all the people here. The district goes out of its way to create a strong community and provide as much opportunity for its students as they can.
Teachers in elementary and middle schools seems to be very motivated to assist students. At the high school level, teachers and staff need more funding for basics, student to teacher ratios are high, school fund donation requests are common, which seems counter intuitive considering the high taxes/value of housing for CA residents.
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They don't make decisions very quickly and the teachers deserve better treatment and pay than what they are getting.
San Ramon Valley Unified School District is a nice place to attend school the teachers are understanding and great. The community and the feeling of home is amazing while attending the schools in this district everyone is welcome and everyone feels welcome. However there is a lack of diversity of cultures and college readiness, I felt that the counselors and staff could've done more to prepare and discuss college options to us and other options if we choose not to go to college. SRVUSD also lacks diversity the majority of the population is one race/culture and there isn't a lot of readiness or wiliness to add or learn about other cultures and races. Lastly SRVUSD all around has a good teachers, academics, sports, and safety. I felt the community rally around during sports games and I felt the safety everyday as I walked around campus. All in all San Ramon Valley Unified School District is a great and loving community.
The district is fortunate to be in an area of middle to upper class neighborhoods with highly active parent involvement and support event though it is one of the lowest state funded school districts in California.
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