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San Luis Coastal Unified School District Reviews

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MBHS may be small in number but we are big in pride. The attitude on campus is laid back and welcoming. It's a place where uniqueness and individuality are both celebrated and supported. Growing up is hard enough. I feel lucky to have gone to a high school where everyone knows my name and accepts me for who I am.
It’s a great school district with attentive employees. They promote community and student involvement. There are many clubs for students to become involved.
I like how everyone gets involved at school events. I would like to change how some teachers act towards students.
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Throughout my experience going through elementary, middle, and high school with this district, my experience has been overall pretty good. The teachers are all so kind at all of the schools and there are so many opportunities to grow and better yourself and your community. However I must say the funds at the high school are not divided up evenly once so ever between neither sports nor genders.
Academics are amazing, but I would love to see more outreach to students who may be suffering from mental illness.
I moved to Morro Bay from Las Vegas and it's a whole different experience here. Although my former school was much bigger and had many more classes to offer, there's a certain charm in how personal it is with less than 1,000 students. The culture is really relaxed and not many students can say that they walked to the beach and went surfing during the lunch break!
San Luis Coastal Unified School District is an amazing school district which provides a very safe and effiecent learning environment. All teachers and staff are fun, welcoming, and provide a great experience. The culture at the schools are nice and laid back, making things very stress free. Although, the two high schools are a little uneven in terms of opportunities. Overall it is a great district.
There have been a lot of changes throughout the years I have attended SLOHS. New strict rules, construction, etc. Most of these rules have not been pleasant such as no food in classrooms, no baked goods on campus, no reduced day or teachers aids.
All I have to say is high school is nothing like the movies. At my high school their is large sense of community. SLO High in my opinion is a school in which everyone can feel included and involved. Our football team might not be the best but we have great sports and an even brighter array of academic achievements. Although I wish our campus layout was a little nicer our school is pretty gorgeous too.Our school is well spirited and we show our tiger pride to the max. Throughout out my years of high school I have never been happier that I attend SLO High.
San Luis Obispo High School is very strong academically with excellent faculty. I have loved my time here. The only issue I have with SLO High is the AP seminar system, in which the third trimester of an AP class counts as an elective without weighted GPA boost
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