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San Dieguito Union High School District Reviews

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The teachers are amazing. Every teacher cares for you and wants you to learn and have fun. Meeting new friends is the best experience and I can't wait to go to college with the knowledge I have acquired.
I loved the connections that I made with my teachers and facility throughout my many years in the school district. I also loved the student involvement in activities like sports games/pep rallies, art fairs, and school plays.
My time attending Torrey Pines high school is coming to a end due to this horrible global pandemic, here are some reasons why SDHUSD is a amazing district. First of all, the teachers are amazing and have helped me to there fullest extent. For example, I was going to miss 2 weeks of school due to a personal issue and my teachers fully understood where I was coming from. They adjusted to my schedule and were very understanding. Not only are the teachers flexible but they are also very understanding. Second, the school spirit at Torrey Pines is immense and never disappoints, you can always count on a full student section at every major sporting event. Finally, the atmosphere on campus is safe and inclusive to everyone. Not once did i feel uncomfortable going to school or participating in a activity. SDUHSD is the best district in san diego and deserves more credit than it does.
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I love my district. Me being an ASB member I really understand how hard my district works to keep a safe and happy learning environment for everyone. I would love to see more activity in the discussion about building a pool on the campuses but other than that I'm very lucky and grateful to be part of such an amazing district.
I've really loved my experience with the district, mainly at San Dieguito Academy. The school really cares about the students and the teachers are passionate about the subjects they teach.
My experience in this school district has been instrumental. This is not an easy school district and I have had to struggle and persevere in my classes. I go to Canyon Crest Academy which is an extremely competitive and rigorous school, but I am so glad that I have been able to push myself to the limits. I have had the opportunity to take a plethora of college classes and AP courses such as AP Calculus AB and BC, AP Stats, AP Physics 1-3, AP Lit and Lang, AP Gov, AP Econ, AP US History, and AP World History and many other upper level courses which are common for all students to take at CCA. I have been able to learn from caring, compassionate, and intelligent teachers who love going to work each day and care about each and every student. I think that the environment of this school district is exceptional and has prepared me for college and beyond.
It is a really great school district, with many opportunities whether you are into STEM or Humanities
I really like it. The staff along with academics, clubs and activities, saftey, college readiness, resources, parental involvement, administration, food for sure, music and arts, and the facilities are undoubtedly all above par to say the least.
I’ve loved it here at SDA to be specific. The culture here is great, there’s not a social hierarchy or anything like that. Sports here are chill they’re not the Kong’s of the school or anything but they are fun. We have a marble racing club which tells you about our clubs. We have some very good teachers here and a couple not so good ones but they all seem to be leaving. Lots of art around the school.
I would like to see the change of school time start a little later. Other than that all the departments are good in terms of teaching the students what they need to know in order to move onto the next level
As a current student, I really love SDUHSD. All the schools are top-notch in academics and sports, and have good, non-toxic communities inside them. I feel like the district is run really well, and everyone who comes out of this district is more than prepared for college, and whatever the future has in store for them.
Looking back is more painful than I thought. I am an alumnus of Carmel Valley and Torrey Pines. The worst part are the teachers. I remember everyone had to suffer with Jennings for maths and Smith for PE back in Carmel Valley. I regretted taking Multi Media with Leonard because I failed that class. I should have taken Earth and Space back at year 9. Also I should have taken French instead of Spanish. Few of my classmates took business maths because they’re sore losers. I’m keeping indefinite distance from this school district at all costs.
This school district helped me learn a lot and create new relationships. I established many great friends as well as obtaining a great education readying me for my future.
I would like to see more homework help after school for AP and honors classes.
It would be especially helpful to have tutoring sessions during lunch or after classes before finals. There is also a lot of stress regarding AP classes, so students lack sleep. More wellness days wold help.
The San Dieguito Union High School District, in my opinion, helps students very well in preparing for college. A lot of people in the community go into high school knowing that they are going to go to college, so that mindset itself is a very motivating one. Many are accepted into the CSU's they apply to, and lots are accepted into UC's, and handfuls of people are even accepted into Ivy Leagues.
I have been in the San Dieguito Union High School District since kindergarten. I was enrolled in a Dual Language Immersion program at my Elementary School where I learned to speak Spanish. In Middle School, they continued the program with history classes for the Bilingual students. In High School I was given the oopurtunity to take Spanish for three more years and take and pass the AP Spanish Language test.
I am a current student, about to graduate. I have been a student in this district since kindergarten, and I feel extremely prepared for the life ahead of me thanks to my SDUHSD education.
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Its a good district and is very welcoming towards new students. People will enjoy their experience and are sure to feel like they fit in. I definitely reccomend the school, though the houses in the area are quite expensive. For this reason there is also a lack of diversity but the attitude of students makes this an irrelevant fact.
Despite enjoying my experience at my own school, San Dieguito High Academy, many of the district's recources felt poorly distributed between the schools in the district. And the resources our school did receive were poorly used by the admin. I would personally better distribute recources throughout the district and appoint better equipped admin.
Oak crest middle school is such an awesome place to go for 7-8 there are allot of teachers who are really nice and such a good place to be with friends and interact with your peers.
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