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Overall I had a positive experience with the San Diego Unified School District but that I not to say there is no room for improvement. Any positive policy change moves at a snails pace, all decisions are tangled in over complicated bureaucracy and poor communication. School culture is awful, students have far more contempt for their school than pride and given the state of the campuses I can't blame them.
San Diego Unified School District is pretty good. They are modernizing the schools around the city and do a pretty decent job promoting academics.

Kearny High school in particular is fantastic. I will be able to get a year and a half of college credit through a dual enrollment program the school has. Most of the school takes college level classes and some of the highest test scores for a title one public school .

Its is not a bad district, and they care about their students.
My Journey here has been very unique. I was offer many opportunities, especially here in City Heights.
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The district runs like a political entity as expected. Tries to balance the interest of the community, teachers, parents, and students. Sometimes they hit the mark but there are times they miss the point completely. For the most part, my kids have turned out to be happy and satisfied with their schools and education.
I've loved almost every teacher I've ever had but overall the administrations have almost always had the wrong priorities and district funding screwed over all the schools.
Teachers are very helpful with students, the education system is excellent and they encourage students to pursue academic goals.
San Diego Unified School District was a great experience and prepared me for college. One thing I would change is making the schools start at 9 or later.
Though I've had an overall good experience in the SDUSD, there are minor things (mostly school specific) that, if changed, would benefit the students and staff immensely.
The schools under this district have usually lacked money and had high amounts of students. For example, SDHS is currently understaffed, with nearly 3,000 students this year and not enough classes. The seniors are being put in freshman or place holder classes.
The district doesn’t care about the students. We are just dollar signs to them. They throw issues upon students and don’t do anything to fix it
I enjoy the opportunity and diversity within the district however I think the district lacked in emphasizing certain subjects. For example, many math teachers within my experience had not been clear or efficient in their teaching. Some schools seem to emphasize sports over academics or stressed both academics and extracurriculars simultaneously and caused the environment to seem suffocating.
I loved going to school. In general, I usually had amazing teachers. Resources were always low. That'll be the biggest improvement that they can act upon.
they're working on reconstructing new areas of schools in order for students to have a better learning experience
The things I like about this school district is the idea behind the way they teach, which is design thinking. I am able to get a different view on the world, and it is interesting to learn about, and different to other public schools I've gone to. They also have good involvement with students and are very interested in building strong student-teacher relationships, and parent-teacher relationships. Things I would change would be the sport programs. There are little to no sports programs in this school district, and I wish there were. I like to play basketball, so I was devastated to find out there were no sports programs.
Great district, great schools and teachers! Teachers are particularly phenomenal throughout all grade levels. Prepares students excellently for higher education.
SDUSD offers a wide range of courses in high school, with various options fit for every student. There are classes catered to each students learning abilities and level of knowledge.
I’ve meant life changing teachers throughout my years as a student. No matter what grade I was in, I always met teachers that were passionate in their work and it reflected in my learning. I personally believe that there could be improvements in getting all students involved in school activities.
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The San Diego Unified School District is very wide in range. I love that it incorporates very different parts of town to allow a variety of people to go to school together
As a currently enrolled student going into 12th, my experience within the district has been relatively good.
There are some great schools and some not so great schools. I personally went to Mt. Everest Academy, which was a wonderful school. It wasn't to big. Class sizes of about 12-20 and the teachers really cared for you and want to see you succeed. I still talk with a few of them because they were like close friends to me. The campus was always nice and being maintained. It was just a wonderful high school to go to and I hope that other students would be able to experience it to.
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