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I am currently a senior at San Bernardino high school. I have attended this school for 4 years. I been apart of the SBCUSD district for 5 years. Prior to this district I was apart of the LACUSD. In my opinion, SBCUSD is better than any other district. SBCUSD exceeds my expectations of staff and facilities, students and environment. The educators in this district highly support our endeavors and go out of their way to make sure we succeed. We are thought highly and are expected to do great things.
I am a student in the SBCUSD, and I can proudly say that this district has amazing resources and programs for students. The staff is always there to lend a helping hand and are really dedicated to seeing their student succeed. As a senior, I can testify SBCUSD has done the best job.
This is a good place to go if you are not wanting to spend yourself into debt. Just use Ratemyproffesor if you have the time and you should be just fine.
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My experience at a SBCUSD school has been postively encouraging. It has been a system of support granted to all students. Although the environment that it is in is not affluent, students still flourish to find ways to improve our community. My district is a motivator to produce effective leaders of the future and integrates diligent individuals into the adult world. From clubs, academies, to leadership programs, although they are few, we take advantage of the opportunities offered as we know they are the only chances we get to even come close to other privileged schools. It may not be the greatest district in the world, but we know how to use the resources given to us. It is an exemplary place for students wishing to understand diversity and the results of hard work. I would like to see a more inclusive system that extends a helpful hand to those who struggle academically. A decrease of the apathetic notion about grades among students should be a priority among teachers.
I've attended all years of my education through this district and so far my experience has been well. It just depends on where you live and who you befriend. The staff I knew were good educators and kind.
I like that the teachers care about the education of their students and always want to encourage them to get better grades.
My experience in high school is fairly well. I have good friends and very good grades. Although my school isn’t the best in safety and doesn’t have much to offer, I still have a good time. I play soccer at my school and we are passionate even if our program isn’t good. They have great teachers that are easy to get along with and always cooperate. Everyone on campus is usually helpful and try their best to give you the resources you need. Also there’s always opportunities for field trips and programs to help us get productive and involved. Everytime I need extra help, there’s always tutoring and the teachers are supportive. If we need more practice or to study, tutors always give us the most help we need.
San Bernardino is a very good school district because well the main reason is because there is a lot of diversity. When attending Cajon High School the best part is you are attending a place where everyone around you came from a different place. You see all types of races as it is not just restricted to one. There is kids that come from rich families, kids that come from poor families. But to me this is great because you learn a lot about people as you deal with a lot of different people. It also helps as there are many different opinions as there is a lot of creativity coming from the students. Something I would like to change though is the fact that there are slightly to many of us here. It makes things a little crowded and unorganized. I wish the food could also be better as it is not really enough to fill up an student who is also an athlete.
Ever since I started going to youth build charter I have made a great difference in my credits it has helped me out in a huge way
My experience here throughout freshmen and senior year was great! All of my teachers were amazing. They all cared about each and every student to make sure they graduated
I like the diversity in my school district. I like how most everyone grew up together here. I would definitely change the cleanliness of our schools. The bathrooms are terrible and always lacking toiletries. I know the students are responsible for it, but it'd be nice if the rules regarding the bathrooms were more strict in order to avoid messiness.
My experience as a student within the San Bernardino City Unified School District has been amazing, because through school activities they have made sure that their students are always learning, and having fun. When I was in Elementary School, we would go to the California Theater and Sturges Theater to go see plays, symphonies, and musicals. When I was in middle school, the school district would sponsor a couple of classes to go to the movies for the purpose of educating us, by seeing a historical movie. San Bernardino City Unified School District is wonderful and caring towards their schools.
very nice district. the some teachers are a pain, but good education. quite a few slackers in classes that complain after failing the class when they haven't done any work.
I like how the teachers and professors are very friendly and they really are here for you to learn. What I dislike is that the offices are sometimes rude when you need help they expect you to know everything.
In 1985 my second year of high school I tested 100% on the high school proficiency test. After being accused of cheating I was tested again ranking 100% twice the school district created a bridge program for me to take college courses in high school. The district went out of there way to insure I had a proper education
Through all our city's hardships and struggles we still pull through and our teachers show genuine care for their students. SB Strong!
I currently attend San Bernardino Valley College and would like to say that I truly love this school from the professors all the way down to the learning community. All of the professors are readily available for feedback, and for that I am forever grateful. The learning community is by far the best I have ever seen at a community college. They have a student success center which has other students (who have took the class you are in) available for questions.
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I have always been in school under San Bernardino Unified School District. I can definitely say that there are some great teacher and staff in this distrust. Althought we are in a so call not to great city, my school has always been a safe zone to all the madness that goes on around the city.
Very good district that cares about the students success in college and in life. Administration and safety of the overall district is good, while it just depends on which school you go to.
I love that there were a lot of extracurricular activities . Many kids looked forward to the events and activities the schools plan because their home lives weren't the greatest .
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