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I attend San Angelo Central High School and have for 3 years now and I love it! All the teachers here are always so helpful and their main goal is to help you learn. They’re always so understanding and do anything and everything possible to help you succeed. Especially for athletes! Central backs up every athletic event and help every athlete stay updated and on top of their class work. Along with amazing teachers Central also has the best administrators, security, and principles. Central is a very secure and safe atmosphere thanks to these people. If there is anything that Central could work on is more parking but with a very big and populated campus that’s hard to do!
I loved the teachers and staff, but the district needs more funding. The politics are terrible. It's difficult to fund any sport besides football, even sports who win state championships. They just redid many buildings though so everything is updated and new!
I was heavily involved in sports when I attended this school district. Sports were by far my favorite aspect about our district. We were a big school in a small area of West Texas and by the end of my senior year, everyone knew about us from around the state. We made a huge impact in football especially my senior year. We played the #1 ranked football team at the time, Allen Eagles, during the second round of the playoffs. We had a record attendance of over 30,000 people. It was amazing to seeour small community in West Texas come together to support us.
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Very good program at some schools and athletic programs wonderful teachers at all the schools my son has attended
Caring and are willing to help when you ask
My years of school through San Angelo Independent School District have been a great experience for me. I’ve watched so much develop over the years. I’m at Central High School and it’s by far the best high school ever. I love my peers. The school spirt we have is just amazing, not only that but the faculty! They work hard and they manage to try and help out any of the students that need it. I can’t quite say that there’s something that I’d change or like to see with the SAISD. But overall experience was amazing.
They are very serious regarding academics, and the teachers are very nice and professional! They are very welcoming.
Saisd has great teachers and overall awesome school spirit. The district needs to apply more money to learning tools so the teachers can be more modern in their teaching methods.
I like the culture at SAC high school. The education is solid and the teachers do really care about the success of their students. There is a lot of school spirit and parent involvement.
I have lived in San Angelo, Texas my entire life and I have always wanted to get out out this town but something was always holding me back. What was holding this secret big city-loving girl from taking every opportunity she got to leave this town? School. I know its crazy but I loved going to school they always made things easier. From as long as I can remember I was so excited to start school because I couldn't wait to meet my teachers and I couldn't wait to be able to see was in store me, SAISD provided me with opportunities most kids don't receive. I graduated at sixteen will 40+ hours which was only made possible by the programs that my school district provided. Of course there were times during my last year that could have been better if communication had taken place between me and my counselors but there was so many kids they did the best they could to get me to graduation because they knew I was going to achieve great things all due to the help of them.
I loved Central High School. They provided many opportunities to help me throughout school and planning for my future. The teachers are amazing and very supportive.
I love what our district provides. Our school has so many educational opportunities with great teachers.
All throughout the years of elementary through high school, I was able to depend on them for whatever I needed. Never would I imagine having a better outcome any where else.
I like that SAISD builds new facilities among town to support the schools. The school district cares about school safety and student participation very strongly. The problems with SAISD is the food served at the schools. The food is very distasteful and unappealing to the eye.
I graduated from the San Angelo Independent School District in 2017. I have been very pleased by how much the staff, teachers, and providers have cared for the students.
I love the course opportunities that allow me to push myself with a challenge alongside teachers who are patient with my questions and are happy to help.
There are so many amazing and caring educators in our school system. I am thankful for the attentive and nurturing environment that they provide, and I could not be more thankful that I live in a place devoted to education. I plan to raise my children in this town, and I look forward to another generation of our family that is enriched by this school district.
I would love to see more diversity among the clubs and students in the clubs. As a minority I personally felt as if some of the students chosen for specific positions int the clubs were chosen out of favoritism through our my high school career.
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As a senior of Central High School, I believe this campus is one of the best in this western half of the state of Texas. The positive attitude of the students and most faculty makes for a very enjoyable experience growing up and learning in this comfortable mid size town of San Angelo. I have lived here my whole life and have never really experienced any other school myself. Through interactions with other students, from other schools from various activities, I have realized that Central definitely is one of a kind in a very positive way. Although i am happy to be graduating soon, I know I will miss the vibe of Central high school's campus after I leave.
Our school district tends to get involved in everything they see fit, they control various option for the schools to take even though some of the staff and students would rather not take it. all in all, they are okay.
We have 5 kids in elementary and junior high. The teachers and administrators are amazing. There are many clubs, athletics, and music programs at all grade levels. The academics include a strong emphasis in basic reading, writing, social studies, and math. Technology is part of most classes. There is a great gifted program, and a comprehensive IEP program.
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