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I think the staff and teachers are so wonderful here, they really care about your education! They make sure we have everything we need and start prepping us for college!
All of my family friends have gone to SLCC. I heard nothing but good things from them, and I am glad I can say the same thing from myself. They have someone message each individual student who is doing classes online to check up on how they are doing with school. How great is that. A support system that you personally don't ask for but they are there. So if you have questions but you are scared to reach out yourself they are there to contact you.
I liked how the school system was standard and nothing was out of the usual. I liked how most teachers at my school were passionate about what they taught.
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I love the academic it's wonderful you really learn a lot what I would like to see change is the diversity.
The Salt Lake School District has a lot of resources for when you need help for ways to pay for lunch and classes. I appreciate that they put so much work into helping the lower-income families and families that the parents work longer periods of time than others. The district does a lot to help to push kids to try new things which I think is very important to develop character. I do have to say some of their downsides is that their health class does teach much on how to prevent pregnancy, or at least they don't talk about all the ways to prevent it, abstinence isn't the only way to prevent pregnancy. I think they should do more to help the LGBTQ+ students in general, some examples are found ways to stop bullying towards them, all-gender bathrooms, add some LGBTQ+ history into the course, etc. Lastly, I think they should inform students more about the counseling they have access to whether is for stress or planing the future ahead, I just think the student knows about those resources
Could use more diverse in my school. But other than that it’s a good district that offers very good classes and opportunities.
I’ve had a really good experience overall. All of my professors have been great! The websites they use are super easy to navigate. If you have an IT problem it is super quick to get fixed. They are all on top of their game for sure. I did have one person answer the phone that gave me wrong information, but I called back and spoke to someone who gave me the correct info.
I've Been with this district for a very long time and I would 10/10 recommend it to anyone interested
What made my experience with Salt Lake School District so excellent was that they genuinely care about there students.
The SLCSD should work on it's funding of other areas. There is definitely a bias as to what clubs or organizations get funded.
It’s A Very good District with many activity in school and the teacher are amazing at helping students.
I really like the teachers because the teachers helped me a lot if I was struggling and they tell students that they're there to help. I thought it was a good school because the school was nice and I would really want to thank the teachers. Without the teachers, I wouldn't have believed in myself. There isn't much to change about this district. I think they're doing good. The thing I would change about the district is to let students more about college and what to prepare. I think there should also be more interesting classes such as electives. Some of the electives weren't really interesting to me and know it was something I don't want to do in the future. Other than that I think the Salt Lake School District is doing well.
I like the ability to choose what you want to do in High School. I had great social opportunities and I didn’t ever feel scared or uncomfortable. I would like to see some of the curriculum get better. It was sometimes way too easy and low expectations.
As a whole, they were focused on student success. Creative teachers that cared more about student learning than other factors.
I love being a senior at this school. This is a really nice school with many opportunities lying around to be grabbed. I love being involved and being a part of this school
I've always had a wonderful education in the Salt Lake City school district, they have a rounded educational model that I was able to take part in all throughout Kindergarten to University.
Good teachers who care and always a fun environment for growth and friendships! I have loved all my teachers, they have given me a great place to share my ideas and learn about everything I want. The school sports are fun to be apart of and the student body is very supportive of every sport.
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I like how the salt lake school district pushes integration and diversity within its schools in order for students to have fair representation.
this district has good policies and takes care of their students. they prioritize them and have good resources for people.
I like the way IT is all plan out for the coming semester. There is a plan on the different activities through out the semester.
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