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Every Teacher I had cared about teaching me. They really put in the extra effort with every student. The high school building itself is a very nice place, which fosters a good learning environment for every student. Also we were amazing at sports, and the facilitates showed it.
Great Experience.. Had wonderful teachers, who were very dedicate to the students. Played baseball all four years, great coaches, who taught you to win and lose with class.
Amazing teachers, difficult administration. Facilities are well maintained. Students' learning is valued, but their final grades are valued more. There are so many opportunities for parents to get involved in their child's education, and there are even more opportunities for a child to get involved with the community in general. While diversity is a constant struggle, there are many outreach programs set in place to help students adjust to their new environment.
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Saline High School has had a history of excellence. The school ranks in the top 10 for the state of Michigan in terms of academics as well as athletics. A couple of the downsides I have noticed through my 4 years here have been the lack of diversity, an occasionally poor learning environment, and poor air conditioning and heating. The facilities are great and the teachers are fantastic.
It provided a very good education. However, large class sizes made it challenging at times to focus. There was also an emphasis on AP classes and sports, so that did not always promote a quality education for the students.
Growing up in Saline my entire life, I have been very spoiled having the amazing education I have gotten through Saline Area Schools. Being one of the top ranked high schools in Michigan, Saline really prepares their students for life after high school, especially with college preparedness. Academics are amazing, however, it is easy to fall into the track system at Saline and it starts around fifth grade--this can make it hard to take harder classes in high school. Saline is very homogenous, seeing as most individuals who live in/attend Saline is white and upper-middle class. Saline also puts much emphasis on sports, which can be really good for some. I have never felt unsafe at school, and they are always renovating their facilities.
Great school with lots of great teachers and clubs, activities to get involved in! It was an awesome experience for my above average student, but not as great for my average to below average student. The teachers and staff bend go out of their way for the top notch students. I think a more average school would have been more helpful for my son who struggles.
Strong academic enviornment, safe. Parents are involved with student body. District has excellent community support. strong sports programs well supported by administration. Administration has no tolorence policy for policy violations regardless of impact on a specific sport or team.
I have moved around a lot, and therefore have been to many schools. The past two years at Saline High School have been amazing. The counselors and teachers have put so much time and effort into making sure my education is top notch and that I am ahead of the game when it comes to applying to college and scholarships. I have made amazing friends here in this very welcoming community as well. There is so much available to get involved in and find a group of people that are similar in their interests to you. I am so proud to be graduating from Saline this year!
Saline is a stellar school district. The teachers are incredible and truly care about the students.The sports are amazing, especially the football and baseball teams. Although school years are not anywhere near the best times of people's lives, Saline schools make them all more bearable.
Saline is absolutely amazing. It is challenging. The teachers work their hardest to put together the best curriculum and refuse to leave a student behind.
The only school district I know and have been in but i have to say it has been the best experience of my life. From the buildings to the teachers to the students. I would have not changed anything.
Saline area schools is a district teaming with opportunity. Diversity on all ends of the spectrum is encouraged and students live up to their potential. Teachers at Saline strive to help their students succeed in a most personal way. With a wide variety of clubs and sports every student is bound to find something that they believe is important to them. Not only are we at top of lists for our sports but also for academics. From a large selection of AP courses students are able to tap into their future convictions for college and ultimately their career. Saline, a school district like none other in Michigan.
I grew up in the Saline Area Schools community so I naturally would attend their schools. Overall, I had a very positive experience in the Saline Area Schools system and I hope it continues to produce outstandingly smart students and people with good morals.
Saline Schools have provided a solid foundation to prepare me for college. I have had many opportunities to participate in clubs, athletics, orchestra, etc. I have had some truly wonderful teachers who have supported my learning; however, there have been a few who were not engaged in teaching or concerned about my success as a student. Overall, Saline Schools was very good for my academic preparation.
I only went to high school in saline, but it was a great experience. My younger siblings have gone to the elementary and middle schools as well as the high school. The teachers at the schools are effective. The clubs and extracurricular activities are very popular, and are such a strong part of the Saline community.
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