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I love it! The schools here truly care about and what your needs for your education are. They take the time
High school is never an amazing environment, but I think Salida High School is definitely on the bottom-most tier. Most students tend to fall on the right side of the political spectrum (yes, some have Confederate flags waving behind their lifted trucks) which results in many threats towards students like me, or students who are diverse. In short, it isn't a safe environment for those who belong to minority groups. However, the teachers are mostly amazing and generally are passionate and caring towards their students and job.
Salida High Schools offers amazing educational programs through and amazingly open minded teachers. What Salida High Schools has to offer is team sports which consists of healthy competition and teamwork.
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I believe that Salida Schools have incredible teachers and staff. I do think that scheduling, and the day to day layout of school concerning time management and lengths of classes could be changed for a more productive day for both students and teachers. I also think that advisory should be made optional for students and each teacher should be given a part of the senior capstone project that they will help the students with, and the students should rotate from teacher to teacher every two weeks.
I had a challenging four years at Salida, but I would say only with the education level. I moved from Trinidad, CO and the content that was taught at Salida was a world of difference from Trinidad. I was challenged not only by my work but by my peers and teachers. I am looking forward to prosper outside of the small and friendly environment that Salida provided for us.
I love the close knit community formed with in the school between peers and teachers. I learned way more than if I were in a bigger school due to the fact that every single one of my teachers cared about me and my education.
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