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Salem-Keizer has had its ups and downs for me throughout my High School experience. I found their programs such as DECA, and Key Club very efficient att building skills for young students but struggle with encouraging students to actually participate. Many students go through their school years not feeling motivated to participate with their peers or community and Salem Keizer could do a better job promoting their clubs and programs for students to build important skills.
As much as I enjoy the city I grew up in, I feel that the schools did not adequately prepare me for college
I think that the Salem-Keizer School District is very good with keeping their students in the loop with email notifications, and showing their students different activities they can be a part of.
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I think it's a pretty good school in the sense that most of the teachers are caring and truly seem to want what's best for you but there is also a good handful of teachers are not understanding of your circumstances and want everything a certain knowing that its not possible for every student and every student doesn't have the same way of learning and taking in information.
Throughout my time at Sprague High School in the Salem-Keizer school district, I have learned many things. Sprague has been a good home for me the last three years. I've felt that all teachers at Sprague have one common goal and that is to get students to the next year. I have never had a bad experience with a teacher because I don't act out in class and most people that would say that they have had a bad experience is mostly because they are disrupting the class in some sort of way. I can't speak about the other schools in the district because I don't go to the other schools, but the main thing that I realize is that all schools are very different from each other diversity wise. Sprague has more than a large percent of white people while schools like McNary and North Salem have a large Hispanic population. it would be nice to see the schools in the district to be a bit more diverse but I understand the South Salem area has more White People that The North Salem and Keizer areas.
Give more attention to the small clubs and sports that need help getting more participants, members, and active leaders.
I believe that Salem-Keizer school district can always seek improvement. I believe that schools can always grow and become better and better throughout the years. As a student in the Salem-Keizer School district I think that I have had a pretty good experience and I get along with most of my teachers. In my opinion Salem-Keizer school district really tries to give every student a good experience, but it's hard when there's so many students. Now, I don't know how the teachers get hired but I think that some of the teachers I've had in the past need to get fired and find a different job. Teachers need to be very carefully picked out because although, most teachers I've had are really amazing teacher, some of them are just truly awful.
In my early years of my school-career, I have found myself thinking that the Distict itself cared little about it's students. When it came to serious threatening issues due to bullying, nothing really happened. However, when I got to my high school days I found a brighter side with the people of the District. I have made connections with people that I would never take away. And for that, I am grateful.
Salem Keizer School district is average. There is not much special about it. They mainly care about their students. Sometimes, they hire teachers who are very inadequate for the job and do not treat students well. But, overall, they appear to mainly care for the schools well being and want what's best for their staff and students.
SAlem Keizer school district has become really close over the past couple years and they did a really good job bringing people together in a time of hurt and sadness.
the change that should be done is make everyone more equal and dont let teens discriminate other teens by there race of how they are
My Name is Alivia Benavidez I am currently a junior at South Salem high School in Salem Oregon. I have attended all my educational years at Salem-Keizer schools after transferring from a private school for kindergarten. My experience has prepared me for my new journey in to a 4-year college environment. From academics to personal time management my career at South Salem High School's IB program has made me the strongest and most determined student. I feel my educational foundation has created a knowledge base to create success for many years to come. My dream is to play college softball while achieving my dream to be an Occupational Therapist.
My school district makes sure that students get what they need, whether by providing chromebooks, food, or moral support.
After moving to this district all the way from New Jersey, I am glad to say that all of its schools are filled with well-rounded teachers who care about their students. The main problem that I had was with the students. The amount of bad behavior in these schools is unbelievable.
It is difficult to correctly say my overall experience with the Salem-Keizer School District. I would have to say it has been average. The education that I have received is very good, better than most schools and districts, so I am very grateful for that. The only problem I have with our district is the lack of mental health awareness and outlets where students can go to get help. I would really like to see a safe place where kids can go to be treated and have teachers and staff support and care for their students well-being.
It’s a below average school. Faculty and staff are unconcerned about student affairs. Students don’t have many options besides AVID for college readiness. The buildings are built from the 70’s and the school atmosphere is chaotic at best. Administration discontinues student involvement to better the school.
I like how all the teachers and staff are very nice and helpful. They want to help us be very successful and go to college.
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North Salem high school has been a great learning environment, and has given me the opportunity to experience many different things. I feel North Salem High school has encouraged me to become the person I am today.
My experience in salemkeizer district school has been good. I like how the school had nice teacher in their school. One thing I would change is more hep toward students because some students struggle but they don't want to ask for help.
The Salem Keizer school district is a very solid school district, and they provide above average education for the students. Overall, really solid set of schools, the teachers are high quality, and the students succeed very often at these schools. These schools also do a good job of preparing students for college and higher level education. To put it simply, the Salem Keizer school district is definitely a solid option for young and ambitious students.
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