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Some very good teachers, but has a lot of of teachers who don’t care about the children and only like the power. Many of these teachers are unfair and make females feel uncomfortable.
The school is run down and depressing. Some of the teachers are lazy and don't push for success. The cafeteria food is awful and the bathrooms have become a lair for vape users.
At Salem there is a family type of environment. Here they have a 6 point grading scale that can take a while to get used to, but once you get used to it, it gets a lot easier. The teachers and faculty here constantly try their hardest to make sure that you know that they are there to help you with any and everything. While there’s a family type of environment, you can tell that some students are more privileged than others, especially when it comes to sports. When it comes to academics, the teachers here will not let you fail, they’ll give you chance, after chance, after chance to get a good grade. The only thing that gets annoying is how small the school is with so many people in it, but overall it’s a good school.
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The teachers are very passionate about their work. However, the school could benefit from more AP classes. IB classes do not prepare students as much for college and the credit is sometimes harder to transfer than AP.
I loved how willing and helpful the teachers and staff were when I asked for help with anything I needed. I would love to see the facilities upgraded, like warm water to wash our hands, and and the ability of students to get along better and use better words in the hallway. However, I know that all of the staff at Salem High School, as well as the elementary schools and middle school, want the very best for all of their students and will do everything in their power to help us achieve our best.
The Salem City School community is very close which allows all of the students the ability to thrive. The school systems are very connected so when you are transitioning between middle school and high school it isn't too difficult.
My experience has been wonderful. I know my teachers truly have cared about me, from kindergarten to 12th grade.

Like any school system, they do have issues that need to be taken care of such as the availability of certain classes. I think they need to offer more AP classes for all grade levels. Currently, they offer very few AP classes and are focused on IB courses, which only helps students if they go for the full IB diploma, which takes a lot of time and stops students from receiving credit from high school courses. My experience with my IB courses has taught me a lot, but it has limited my college credits.
Everyone cares about the students, the school produces leaders.This school is far above the state average in key measures of college and career readiness.
Even at schools with strong college and career readiness, there may be students who are not getting the opportunities they need to succeed.
Fun place to go to school with a good mix of teachers that let you be you. Everyone is very friendly and you'll always have someone ready to help you.
I am currently a student at Salem high school. Very mice staff and teachers that care about their students.
Since it is the only high school in a relatively small town, the community is close-nit for people from there. On the other hand, for people like me who are out of district, it is challenging to fit in or feel accepted. This school district should focus more on inclusion rather than isolation of other outside the Salem community.
It's not nearly as crowded with caring teachers the wish to help, a loving community, just the hallways are kinda small
It is a good overall school system but the high school has some small issues. The elementary schools are great and very supportive and the middle school is the best. The middle school is so big it could be a high school. The high school is just old and gross but it is being rebuilt soon.
Salem lacks diversity but continues to call in academic information and readiness for the future. while at Salem the teachers have offered me many ways to learn and think and grow.
If you are solely focused on getting into challenging classes Salem is the school for you! the classes are headed on a 7 point scale and challenge you in every way
Being at Salem High is one of the best experiences , they definitely have a great teaching staff. They have taught me so much for my future.
While Salem has a great academic standing in my area, the treatment of students is poor. All teachers appreciate their students as much as physically possible, though the administration neglects students in need of support. Also, athletic and extracurricular programs other than the football team get financially neglected, which makes successes more difficult.
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Administration is proactive. Parent support is fairly strong. I wish foreign languages were taught in elementary school.
Salem City Schools is a wonderful learning environment. Both of my children have excelled here and all of the teachers are so invested in their success.
The schools provide a nurturing and encouraging environment for our children to excel. Their instruction is fantastic with exceptional feedback to us parents. Our facilities are very well-maintained and provide ample space for learning and social interaction.
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