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The students and teachers bully and no one really seems to care about the education. I’m working my butt off to graduate early and they continuously try to tell me I should not graduate early.
This school gave me some wonderful experiences and helped prepare me for my future. After attending this school I went on to get my bachelors degree in biology.
Having been a student at Salem High School for three years, I've seen quite a lot of what the school has to offer. As far as basic education goes, the school does adequately. Generally classes serve students to decently prepare them for courses they'll take in college. As for teachers, every teacher I've had has been kind, understanding, and helpful. In terms of STEM classes, Salem provides those in droves, with those teachers being among the best. Salem also has great courses for those interested in art or music, be it instrumental or vocal.
Extracurricular activities are common place among Salem students. There are plenty of clubs to choose from, with most doing two big activities a year and hosting a fundraiser. Our sports programs, while plentiful, tend to be underwhelming.
The building itself holds quality resources, is incredibly safe, and provides decent meals. The facilities aren't ground breaking, but they don't need to be. The administration performs their jobs excellently.
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Good education, but definitely teaching by the book and not really preparing for college. Mostly proctored tests, but good programs and some good teaching teachers.
As a senior at Salem I have a 3.2 gpa. I some fall courses at Kent state and was shocked how hard it was, I was absolutely unprepared for college, I never had to study in HS. Now I am struggling and got a tutor to teach me just how to study, this semi stet is better. Other than that Salem high is friendly, they do not put up with bullying, the teachers as a whole are caring. Sports I loved, I was getting a full ride with Volleyball then the first day of practice this year I tore my ACL and meniscus ending my career. But their sports program is great at Salem.
Salem schools are terrible at preparing students for college. The courses are mind-numbingly simple and there is no need to ever study. Most of the students are white conservatives, which makes being a minority in the school district quite difficult. The teachers are generally good, however they just don't prepare students for college efficiently.
Though funding is low for the arts, teachers genuinely care about your well-being and your success. My teachers got me through a lot of life things, as well as graduation with a 4.0.
Salem has a lot of school spirit. It has recently redone Its band room, choir room and library showing that it actually cares about the arts for a change. Most teachers are very helpful but the guidance counselors are rarely around to offer, well, guidance. Most students don't believe that they are college ready but it is difficult to know if that is the result of lack of resources or their own indifference to their future. There are the lucky few who actually get out of here.
I enjoyed my time at Salem. I think the teachers could have cared a little more about their students performance. I also think that more teachers should try and prepare students for college. The amount of time I've spent during classes not doing anything was well exceeded and teachers should spend more time teaching the curriculum. Other than that, Salem was a very fun time to be at.
Personally, I would like to see a change in the way the instructors interact with their students. As this is high school, I feel as if the students should be treated as young adults and not children. Some students are favored while others are not and that may create a false sense of reality for some students when they graduate high school and begin one of the biggest changes in their life: the transition into adulthood.
The teachers are jerks and the other students are even worse. Every teacher plays favorites to the popular kids and kisses their butts. A couple of years ago a student was in a relationship with a teacher
The Salem school district made all my years of school memorable. The environment was excellent and always felt safe. The staff does whatever it takes to make you feel like you are understanding and even go beyond what they need to do as teachers. I am proud to be a Salem Alumni and i would love to see the district grow more successful.
Most AP classes in the area but it did lack little funding for academic programs such as quiz bowl. But overall, not a bad four years.
This school has its flaws but overall can offer a great experience if you're interested in sports. In order to prepare for college here, you will need to choose your teachers wisely. The excellent guidance department will be wind under your sails through this process.
I loved it there. I grew up my whole life there. The teachers genuinely cared about their students and the entire staff built relationships with the kids from janitors, secretaries, librarians, etc. Myself and all my siblings loved our experiences there and cherish the memories made and lessons learned there.
Salem is a great school! The academics are great as there are 17 AP classes and many College Credit Plus courses. I just wish some AP classes prepared you better for the AP exam.
Teachers are nice. School is very good in shape. There are no bullies. Everyone treats everyone nice
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Salem City Schools is not as bad as some make it out to be. The school may not be the most updated and may not have the best hood; however we have many other wonderful applications to Salem. Our teachers all care about us. Some show it in different ways, but every single one wants to see the student pass. We also have a very good alumni program. The alumni program help a lot of seniors that have graduated. There are many scholarships available, and our alumni gives out the most money at least for Columbiana county. Salem overall isn't the most updated school, but is one of the nicest schools around.
It was honestly the best time of my life. The teachers are helpful and friendly and are always willing to help if you're havikg trouble.
New implementation of technology and resources could be valued more. The organizational qualities of the school could be very much so improved.
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