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Despite being a small school, we have many opportunities at Salamanca. I have enjoyed my business classes, being a part of the daily morning announcements televised from our TV studio, and being a part of journalism where we print a newspaper page in our local paper and we publish the high school yearbook.
Salamanca is a school like no other. All of the staff here go above and beyond for all of there students. I have gone to Salamanca High school for about 6 school years and I feel like every year this school improves more and more. I have had the best experiences here at Salamanca. If you are struggling there is always a teacher or student here to help. Our school has many different opportunity’s that I have never seen in any other school. We have many different steam programs here that help students improve their learnings through out their high school careers. I wont want to graduate from any other high school around.
Salamanca High School has a very diverse and wide variety of ethnicities and social classes. This type of exposure has allowed me to develope character and social acceptance of the people around me. I have learned to not judge other based off of what they are and/or have.
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Multiculturalism at its best living on a native American reservation. Excellent teachers. Facilities could be more up-to-date, but are adequate for the population. Appears to be low trust between administration and teachers...between administration and public. But in both cases it the administration isn't really doing anything to cause that...I think it's the history of the system.
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