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Salado was a beautiful and inviting environment to learn and grow mentally, physically, and emotionally. The teachers were extremely supportive in helping me apply for colleges and choose a career pathway that I would be strongly suited for. I highly recommend any other students looking for a Lonestar school to attend Salado, coming into any grade.
This is a wonderful school district! I just don't feel like they did anything to help me with my learning disorder.
I have ADD and have always struggled in the classroom and I never received that aid I needed or deserved.
I have attended Salado ISD since kindergarten and I am now a senior at the Salado High School. My overall experience has been nothing less than excellent. The teachers are very patient and want the students to succeed in life. However, like all school there are some things I would like to see change. For example, some of the teachers pick "favorites" in their class and can make the other students feel not as important . Other than that, I can't think of anything else to change.
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I like the small school district and most of the teachers have been wonderful. The administration recently changed and we have hopes that rules will be enforced. The downside to a small school district is sometimes the community and parents are not receptive to change and growth. I feel like too much money and focus surrounds the boys athletics, especially the football program. The arts and music have state and area winning programs with excellent instructors, however not much funding it allotted to them or the space they need for growth.
Salado high school has a great FFA chapter that absolutely loves to help you feel like you belong. I currently participate in archery, vet tech, and the leadership team in the ag department.
The teachers are caring and hard-working. The classes are challenging and I have the opportunity to take 4 AP exams. Sports are successful and our coaches are overall very supportive and helpful.
Staff is super nice, but sometimes they are favorable towards certain students or are disorganized and unfair. I suppose that is found in every school. Academics is amazing- the kids are accepting as a whole, but of course there are kids that aren't as much. The good thing is that it is not as clique-y as most other schools. You see football players participating in marching band and theater, and many people pushing themselves in honors classes. Place is pretty clean, but it's starting to get crowded. However, they are planning to build a whole new facility, so I'm sure that will be nice.
I began attending school at Salado freshman year. It was kind of scary, but pretty exciting. I played volleyball and basketball so before the year had begun, I had already met some friends and had people around during the school day to help me get familiar with everything. That's how I met my best friend! Throughout high school, we've enjoyed laughing and watching games together, cheering on our siblings at sports games, inside jokes, complaining about homework, spending time together while also learning, and enjoying the adventure of growing up.
At Salado, I appreciate that the faculty know and care for the students and help encourage us to achieve goals in our academics, sports, and personal development.
I would like to see more teachers who are unbiased towards their "favorites" and treat everyone with the same respect, however, for the most part, the overall experience is one full of memories, lessons learned, and great times that students will remember long after they graduate.
I loved my experience at Salado High School. The staff is very welcoming and willing to help students as much as they can. The coaches let you play multiple sports and participate in other activities. The UIL coaches are very invested in what they do. Salado UIL keeps the interests of the students at the forefront of their agenda. Salado is not very diverse and does not always provide facilities for the children with special needs, however they do the best with what they have.
I really liked that Salado kept class sizes really small. Since we were a smaller school district, I had several of my teachers more than one year. I cannot tell you how much this greatly improved my experience. I was able to adapt to those teachers, and really understand what to expect from each one of them.
Salado High School is a great school. There are a lot of opportunities given to the students and the teachers really care about their students and work hard to do the best for the students.
I whole-heartedly believe that growing up in Salado and attending Salado schools has shaped me in to the person I am today. There were many flaws and perceptions that I wasn't able to see until I graduated and went to college. The small-town functionality was the only thing I'd ever known. Good or bad, my childhood and adolescence was sheltered from worldly perspectives, which in turn shaped my experience of emerging into adulthood.
Great, small school. Teachers care about the students. If a child applies themselves they will do well. Little diversity and hard to fit in if you have not lived your whole life in Salado. Rules are not for everyone which is too bad and noticed by others.
Salado ISD is an exceptional school district for such a small community. We have won 9 UIL Academic State Championships, 3 Lone Star Cup Awards and numerous state championships in athletics, FFA, One Act Play, Speech and Debate, UIL Congress and UIL Film Making. Our students work hard and extremely respectful, are parents are supportive and engaged, and we have a tremendous staff of teachers, administrators and support staff.
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