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Rutherford High School school district prepared me for secondary education at an elite liberal arts school. Many of my teachers I will remember for the rest of my life. I was a 12 season athlete and look back fondly on my time competing as a bulldog.
I think over all it is a good district. However lunch foods were not the best, most of my time in high school I didn't even eat it. The teachers and staff overall are great of course with the acceptation of a few.
The school system itself is very well taught. There are a lot of teachers who are willing to help you go the extra mile. Even if you're confused about an assignment they will do what it takes for you to understand. Therefore, the coaching staff for sports isn't what I hoped for it to be and was a lot of upsetting and unnecessary times due to their coaching. Along with that, of course, some of the students weren't friendly. Overall the work and education part I am deeply grateful to have some of these teachers help me along the way.
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The staffs are very responsive and act quickly. Easy to talk to someone who is responsible. The information are transparent and quick to public.
My experience at Rutherford High School as a Senior follows: Bulldog Strong. Through the last 4 years, one thing that has not changed is the environment and relationship from faculty, teachers, to students. Losing fellow peers throughout the years and different hardships, has kept us Bulldog Strong. Teachers are always there to provide for their students and always wants to be beyond their limits.
While academics are average, it is hard as a student to get involved in clubs or activities, with not many people willing to put in the work to benefit the community as a whole.
This school has many resources to help their students. They are determined to help students succeed, and teachers still reach out post graduation to offer help.
As a senior at Rutherford High School, I believe that the school district effectively prepared me for applying to college and succeeding in college. With enough AP courses, excellent teachers, and the chance to make your high school education what you make of it, I felt as though I was able to make the best of my education in Rutherford.
Compared to other counties in Tennessee, Rutherford county was a big change in my perspective when coming from a poor county. Teachers worry more about you, they prepare you the most for important tests like ACT. However, I wished schools had more organization and School Spirit, which really makes it more enjoyable when being in school. I hope too that It would have more well behaving students.
Rutherford High School is an excellent high school that truly wants the best for its students. Rigorous classes along with competitive students provide for this excellent high school, that Rutherford High School. Rutherford High School is also in a great location as it is only a few blocks from the main street in Rutherford. With this, students are able to access the downtown area of Rutherford. The downtown restaurants are very good and offer some very good student specials and food. On the athletic side of things, Rutherford is very good as well. Rutherford offers great, competitive levels of Freshman, Junior Varisty and Varisty sports. All in all, Rutherford is an exceptional high school.
Rutherford High School is an amazing high school that offers great opportunities to its students. Located in Rutherford, NJ, it location is excellent as it is just a five minutes walk to the main street.
Great academics & facilities for a public school. Teachers are highly qualified and helpful. The arts program is strong and growing.
I like how Rutherford is always pushing to improve the School District in any way possible. Out of the surrounding towns, our district is far above the rest, as we strive to excel and give students the best education possible.
The Rutherford School District has helped me with my education and has helped my with college stuff and I was able to form a good relationships with most of my teachers and I was able to go to them for support for schoolwork.
I loved going to school in Rutherford. All the schools in the town are very safe. the adminstration and staff is amazing. Schools prepare their students to reach for their highest academic goals. There are so many activites and clubs to be involved in, they all allow students to be active and social among friends.
Rutherford High School is a moderately diverse school with a curriculum that allows individuals to go above and beyond if they have the aptitude or the work ethic for it. If you have neither, then good luck building a future for yourself. Rutherford High School is very small with only about 1000 students, but has a variety of clubs that provide for any kind of experience.
The school is very small and most of the teachers are nice but some are skewed in how they teach. A lot of teachers do not prepare their students well enough for college. The teachers give a lot of homework and they don't really care about the students' mental health before assigning the large amount of work that we get.
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I enjoyed all my electives and most of my teachers. I would like to see the improvements listed in the Referendum passed, even though I will not be in the school to see them. All th changes would benefit my younger sisters as they make their way though the Rutherford schools.
My experience was overall average. I like how the classes challenged me and how well they taught me. Though, I did not like how divided the school was. The school was full of cliques and there was a popularity hierarchy.
Teachers are awesome! Everyone is very nice and supportive here. The teachers are always looking out for you and your best interest. Teachers are always assisting you.
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