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russellville city schools is a very nice and overall good system to enroll your child in but there are some downfalls. i have attend russellville city schools for my entire 13 years of education and i do feel like a have been overall prepared for my future endeavors such as college then a job given all the thanks to the teachers. the school itself is a very nice on and we as golden tigers take pride in our athletic department so much so that the rest of the departments gets the breadcrumbs of whats let of funds. they were able to invest into new football field costing over a million dollars but yet can not afford to fix the pothole and craters in our high school parking lot or fix the sidewalk awning so that their students and staff would not get wet changing classes and running errands. the students however are now being brought together closer than ever before, unifying ourselves after the tragic loss of one of our on.
I am currently a freshman at Russellville high school and began going here the second semester of my 6th grade year. I enjoy how the teachers always push us and encourage us for our in school aspirations and out of school aspirations.
Russellville High School has high standards for all students. Everybody that’s part of the administration puts in maximum effort to make sure everybody meets the high standards of Russellville High School. Its great to be a Golden Tiger!!!
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As an alum and parent of current RCS students I am proud of the advancements our leaders have made over the past 25 years to continue the tradition of excellence.
Great education, helps prepare you into the real world. Such as, if you’re going straight to the workforce or a four year college or university. Teachers try their best for everyone to be prepared for any kind of situation.
The way i like Russellville is how they connect with their students and have communication with them. They let them know things on the televisions on the hall ways, making announcements and the education is outstanding.
I have been at Russellville High School for 12 years. I am a upcoming graduate of Russellville High School and I couldn't be happier. All the teachers, adminitrators, even the lunch ladies and custodians care so much for the students and their education. They want us to succeed and I want to make sure that all their efforts in teaching has paid off. I am proud to be a Golden Tiger!!
Russellville City Schools has been a great place to send my kids to school. They are involved in a variety of academics, clubs, and their teachers have gone above and beyond in helping them reach their goals.
I like what they have to offer at this school. And the opportunities they give you. Such as sports and academics and clubs.
Hello :) I am currently a junior at Russellville High School. Growing up in the Russellville City Schools system, I had many wonderful memories made that I look back at now and they bring me great happiness and no regrets. I was offered many challenges as well as opportunities that not all school systems can offer. I absolutely love the amiable environment that is expressed through the students and staff of Russellville City Schools that make me feel at home. The only change that could possibly make the school system any more immaculate would be a physical expansion of the school grounds to fit more students and have more classes. This would spread the virtue of Russellville.
The Russellville City School system is a system of excellence. With a vision for the future, they work to reach each and every student that walks through their doors. I'm blessed that my children are students in such an impactful district.
I liked that it was located 10 minutes from home and it was in a safe environment. They should prepare students for college better in the English and Writing departments. I have struggled my first year in college with writing. I see stuff that we should have learned in high school but I did not learn the material or ever seen it before.
What I like about Russellville High School is the faculty and staff. they make you feel welcome, and they make you feel at home. Once someone new moves to the school, they make them feel welcome. There is always someone to show that person around, and they help the person feel like they belong. You will never feel left out or alone at Russellville High School.
My experience at the Russellville City Schools district was an amazing experience. The thing I liked most was the teachers and their attitudes. They really never give up on any students. They try their hardest to prepare us to move on in life and prepare us for the real world. Really the only big thing I would like to see change is the high school gym. I feel like it could use an upgrade on the overall size of the gym as well as the bleachers and scoreboards.
I love Russellville High School. We have a great sports program and great parent and student involvement.
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